#WonHobby35: MODEROID Reveals and Displays

Good Smile Company is back with their bi-annual (?) highlight and display of upcoming products from their various lines, WonHobby 35 or "Wonderful Hobby Life For You 35" (like seriously, who thought of that long name). I don't expect much new stuff from their Good Mecha Smile brands as they did just have Mecha Smile … Continue reading #WonHobby35: MODEROID Reveals and Displays

One Shots / “Straight Out of… Box”

"Straight out of camera" is what I wanted to say, but this photo was created though focus stacking in post, a technique I should've tried sooner. Anyway, I had a couple of tech and gear upgrades recently, including the camera I used for this photo. I'll get into details in a future post, but I'm … Continue reading One Shots / “Straight Out of… Box”