One Shots / “Silhouettes”

2007 was a great year for the Transformers franchise, thanks to the first live-action movie that brought the brand to the mainstream audience. 2007 was also a great year for Apple thanks to the massive popularity of their iPods. Wanting to capitalize on both successes, Takara Tomy had the (seemingly) brilliant idea of combining both, … Continue reading One Shots / “Silhouettes”

One Shots / “Gadgets in Disguise”

Time and time again, Optimus Prime has become a beacon of hope and saved countless lives across the multiverse. In the process, he has already taken countless forms and appearances as "robots in disguise." But in this universe, he's taken a form which has him confused, especially when searching for allies in this never-ending conflict. … Continue reading One Shots / “Gadgets in Disguise”

One Shots / “Straight Out of… Box”

"Straight out of camera" is what I wanted to say, but this photo was created though focus stacking in post, a technique I should've tried sooner. Anyway, I had a couple of tech and gear upgrades recently, including the camera I used for this photo. I'll get into details in a future post, but I'm … Continue reading One Shots / “Straight Out of… Box”

Display it with Science! Transformers Anti-Gravity Tensegrity Base Optimus Prime Set

I'm not really sure when tensegrity structures and consumer goods started to become a thing, but it looks like the Transformers brand is joining the fad with its recent announcement of an Optimus Prime set that comes with a tensegrity base. But before we go into what the set comes with, I believe I'm not … Continue reading Display it with Science! Transformers Anti-Gravity Tensegrity Base Optimus Prime Set

Pre-CATALOGUE Thoughts: Transformers “Kingdom” Rodimus Prime

We've been moving stuff over at our house at the moment, which would lead to a slow down of CATALOGUE Entries and One Shots for the time being. That said, these shouldn't stop me from providing unsolicited thoughts on some plastic crack. So let's start with one of my recent purchases, Commander Class Rodimus Prime … Continue reading Pre-CATALOGUE Thoughts: Transformers “Kingdom” Rodimus Prime