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BLOG: PLAMAX JG-02 1/350 Gipsy Danger

PLAMAX JG-02 1/350 Gipsy Danger Max Factory is doing a double combo this December as not only will it release Cherno Alpha, but also Gipsy Danger, the protagonist machine in Pacific Rim as part of their PLAMAX line of model kits.

Standing at 230 mm, Gipsy Danger is hyper-detailed thanks to the use of the actual CG models to reproduce it in plastic. The kit also includes water slide decals to further emphasize that realistic look. As for accessories, it will include parts to build the Plasma Cannon and Chain Sword. It will also come with an LED unit to light up its torso-mounted reactor.

  • PLAMAX 1/350 Gipsy Danger
    Release Information: Dec. 2016 · ¥8,148
    Article via Good Smile Company

BLOG: Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive – HGCE Sword Impulse Gundam

Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive - HGCE Sword Impulse Gundam When the Blast Impulse Gundam was released as a Bandai Hobby Online Shop exclusive, it was understandable as it wasn’t even included in the High Grade GUNDAM SEED line. Admittedly, the Sword Impulse Gundam is a more popular design and should warrant a regular release like its Master Grade counterpart. Well Bandai doesn’t think so as it’s also a web exclusive.

Different colors and Sword Silhouette aside, the kit will also come with a variant of the Excalubur anti-ship sword and a replacement torso unit for the HGCE Freedom Gundam to replicate that iconic scene in episode 34 of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY.

  • HGCE Sword Impulse Gundam
    Release Information: Dec. 2016 · ¥2,500
    Reservation via Premium Bandai

BLOG: Super MiniPla Xabungle – Work in Progress #2

Super MiniPla Xabungle - Work in Progress #2 Speaking of Super MiniPla, here’s how Xabungle is going along. Actually, box 1 of 4 was already completed some time last week but wasn’t able to make a post because reasons.

The build itself is actually simple and the choice to have the red accents be marking seals is actually a good choice as painting them isn’t that difficult. The engineering is simple as well, with articulation only provided by simple swivels, hinges, and a couple of ball joints — all plastic on plastic.

So the question now is, how about the remaining parts? Not really sure if any progress will be made this week but box 2 should now be opened at least.

BLOG: Super MiniPla GaoGaiGar Revealed

Super MiniPla GaoGaiGar Revealed Following Ideon, Bandai Candy has announced the next kit in their new Super MiniPla line. Based on this collector’s own experience alone in building such kit, it’s clear that Bandai Candy is stretching what they could do with the limited engineering of these kits without going to Gunpla levels of complexity.

So it’s quite a surprise that they decided to do a transforming and combining GaoGaiGar as the next release. Its release is timed to the 20th anniversary of the series and while the transformation gimmick is likely partsforming, it would still be interesting how the engineering and parts separation will be done. More will be revealed at the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show this weekend.

BLOG: Super MiniPla Xabungle – Work in Progress #1

Super MiniPla Xabungle - Work in Progress #1 As teased via Twitter, for the two people that follow me, the next builds would be the Super MiniPla Xabungle set. They’re builds rather than just a build since a set includes the Xabungle and two walker machines. Two boxes were also purchased because of reasons previously mentioned.

Given this collector’s sparse but disappointing experience with minipla, there’s quite an expectation going in. And while color separation is leagues ahead of standard minipla sets, it’s still below Gunpla quality. The plastic is denser, the molding isn’t the sharpest and there isn’t much surface detail. But then again this is for an 80s super robot so the latter might be intentional.

Either way, the build is interesting and a welcome change from Gunpla. Currently doing box 1 of 4 which is primarily the Bungle Skipper / upper half of Xabungle.