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BLOG: MODEROID Mazinkaiser Haoh and God Mars – Under Development

MODEROID Mazinkaiser Haoh and God Mars - Under Development In a recent article from Akiba Souken; Hiroaki Tanaka, who started the Super Minipla line over at Bandai Candy Toy Division, is now with Good Smile Company working on the MODEROID kits. This is the reason why these have the same passion project feel as Super Minipla.

And so, the next projects in the line are Mazinkaiser Haoh and God Mars. Both kits look amazing, with the former an enough reason already to warrant a purchase of their Mazinkaiser model kit. And the latter is a fully transformable God Mars as a model kit. They will reveal more of God Mars during Wonder Festival Winter 2018 this coming Feb. 18.

The direction this line is going is really interesting and it is great that they are actually letting the hobbyists in with the development blog.


BLOG: Gundam Build Next Battle Project – High Grade Build Divers (HGBD)

Gundam Build Next Battle Project - High Grade Build Divers (HGBD) Along with the announcement of a new series is of course the reveal of the accompanying Gunpla, this being the new High Grade Build Divers line.

The first kit in the line isn’t the protagonist’s but it appears first as part of the prologue episode, the HGBD Gundam AGE II Magnum. For those who thought the Gundam AGE-2 got the short stick during its series, this is total redemption and it looks really cool.

Much like the original, it can also transform to what’s now the Phoenix Mode. It comes with four F Funnels which form the side binders as weapons, as well as the standard beam weaponry including the Hyper DODS Rifle Magnum.

  • HGBD Gundam AGE II Magnum
    Release Information: March 2018 · ¥1,800

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BLOG: Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive – HGUC Crossbone Gundam X-0

Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive - HGUC Crossbone Gundam X-0 Much like the Unicorn Gundam, and now the Gundam Local Type, it’s only a matter of time before Bandai cranks out all possible retools and recolors for the Crossbone Gundam with the HGUC Crossbone Gundam X-0 from Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Ghost.

It’s essentially a silver variant of the X-3 with some changes and a different set of weapons. These changes include a new v-fin and torso exhaust unit. For weapons, it comes with the Butterfly Buster which transforms from gun to saber modes via parts replacement. It also comes with the anti-beam cloak but it’s better replaced with an actual cloth.

Here’s hoping they do the Ghost Gundam as well.

  • HGUC Crossbone Gundam X-0
    Release Information: April 2018 · ¥2,300
    Reservation via Premium Bandai


HG Gundam FSD Either this is a good reason to get the HG Gundam Local Type [North American Type] or they would hopefully release a lighter recolor of the Gundam FSD.

Nearing Unicorn Gundam levels of retooling, here’s yet another one for the HG Gundam Local Type and it is supposedly the upgrade of the latter’s North American Type as it shares the same color scheme. Changes for this guy include a new chest exhaust design, shield, and beam gatling gun unit that attaches to the right forearm unit.

Here’s hoping that they do that lighter color variant, though it would probably be an online exclusive.

  • HG Gundam FSD
    Release Information: April 2018 · ¥2,200
    Images via Bandai Hobby Site

BLOG: RG Tallgeese EW

RG Tallgeese EW As if to complement the HGAC Leo announcement, Bandai Hobby will be releasing the RG Tallgeese EW and basically opens the flood gates for more Real Grade Endless Waltz kits. It also opens the possibility of expected retools and variants.

Despite the smaller size, this kit seems able to replicate the opening "super verniers" that the Master Grade had as a feature. The site also mentions that it will feature a locking mechanism as part of the armature that would hold the Dober Gun, allowing for more stable poseability.

It’s not often that this collector gets non-Gundam Real Grade kits, and this might be the first one.

  • RG Tallgeese EW
    Release Information: April 2018 · ¥2,500
    Images via Bandai Hobby Site