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BLOG: Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive – HGUC Gundam Pixie

Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive - HGUC Gundam Pixie Of all the kits teased in the Next Phase Gunpla section of The Gundam Base Tokyo ever since it started, the only one that hasn’t gotten a confirmed release is the Gundam Pixie. That is, until now as Bandai has released solicitations for the HGUC Gundam Pixie. Unfortunately, like most of the recent announcements, it’s also exclusive to the Premium Bandai web shop.

It comes from the games Mobile Suit Gundam Cross Dimension 0079, and Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories – Missing Link sporting darker colors in the latter. For weapons, it includes a couple of sub-machine guns, beam daggers that can be stored in the side armors and beam effect parts.

  • HGUC Gundam Pixie
    Release Information: June 2018 · ¥2,000
    Reservation via Premium Bandai

Damn it Premium Bandai!


BLOG: MODEROID God Mars – Features / Articulation / Transformation

MODEROID God Mars - Features / Articulation / Transformation Good Smile Company’s Mecha Mono Blog has been updated with a post providing details on the second release in the MODEROID line — God Mars. Based on their previous blog entries, it will be a fully transformable and combining set comprised of six smaller machines… or is it? More on that later.

To the unfamiliar, God Mars is composed of Gaia, Sphinx, Uranus, Titan, Shin, and Ra. While God Mars is a non-scale kit, it will stand at 190 mm when fully combined — significantly taller than their initial offering, Mazinkaiser at 145 mm.

Color separation and accuracy outside the box is difficult to confirm as it’s unknown whether the sample used in the post is an unpainted kit or not. Regardless, it does look great. But the question is, being a fully transforming and combining kit, can it move?

Continue Reading: MODEROID God Mars – Features / Articulation / Transformation

BLOG: Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive – HGUC Gundam TR-6 [Woundwort]

Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive - HGUC Gundam TR-6 [Wound Wort] With the last HGUC Advance of Zeta release more than 12 years ago, and the apparent success of the MG Hazels, it was unexpected when Bandai teased that an HGUC Gundam TR-6 [Woundwort] was in the works. One quarter into 2018 and they have finally confirmed release plans for this anticipated kit. Unfortunately it’s a Premium Bandai release but that’s quite expected.

It’s appeal comes from the very unusual design which has multiple configurations, including what they call rifle mode, crow mode, and its mobile armor mode — the latter to be done via additional parts. (i.e. Totally getting two copies.)

  • HGUC Gundam TR-6 [Woundwort]
    Release Information: June 2018 · ¥1,800
    Reservation via Premium Bandai

Will Bandai also do its crazier variants?

BLOG: Super Minipla Giant Gorg

Super Minipla Giant Gorg Bandai Candy/Shokugan has opened pre-orders for the next kit in the Super Minipla line — Giant Gorg. Initially revealed in the recently released Super Minipla Encyclopedia, it was designed by T-REX. Yes, the same people who did the 40 cm Sen-Ti-Nel Giant Gorg figure.

As for the Super Minipla version, it stands 13.5 cm, features wide range of articulation, opening chest cockpit, and an in-scale Yuu Tagami that can be mounted on the top of its head. The box set will also include parts to build the Manon Type while a separate Rubble Guardian set will be released via Premium Bandai as a Bandai Candy Online Shop exclusive.

  • Super Minipla Giant Gorg
    Release Information: July 2018 · ¥4,200
    Images via Bandai Candy

BLOG: MODEROID Strelizia and ARIEL – Under Development

MODEROID Strelizia & ARIEL - Under Development It’s been a while since Wonder Festival Winter 2018 though the stuff Good Smile Company had on display are still notable, particularly those for their MODEROID line of model kits. That train just keeps on going, revealing a couple more kits with a particular theme — female shaped mecha.

First is Strelizia from the currently running DARLING in the FRANXX, which makes this its first confirmed merchandise. There’s actually a THE ROBOT SPIRITS hinted but they haven’t made an official reveal.

Second is ARIEL from an obscure 90s OVA of the same name. The name is actually an acronym for All a-Round Intercept and Escort Lady. Really obscure property to create a model kit but that shows more the passion project nature of this line.