Master Grade “F90 A to Z PROJECT” Announced!

No one expected this announcement from Bandai Spirits, much more a whole new project for these kits. Before we had the Strike Gundam and its Striker Packs, the Impulse Gundam and its Silhouettes, and the Narrative Gundam and its various packs, the Gundam F90 from the manga prequel Mobile Suit Gundam F90 originated the concept … Continue reading Master Grade “F90 A to Z PROJECT” Announced!


Box Art Extravaganza Einundzwanzig

Looks like we've reached the point of complicated German number translations. Oh and by the way, "einundzwanzig" means twenty-one. Anywho, here are a couple of releases that I've found interesting this April. Here's something I really hope Bandai Spirits would continue doing for other super robot designs, or even just those created by Go Nagai. … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza Einundzwanzig

Happy 40th Gundam! #ガンダム40周年

Before today ends, at least on this side of the planet, I would like to greet the Gundam franchise, and the community that supports it, a Happy 40th Anniversary! I didn't really prepare a lengthy post in celebration of this milestone -- will probably do on the 50th anniversary if this blog is still alive. … Continue reading Happy 40th Gundam! #ガンダム40周年

#5001 / ULTRA-ACT ✕ S.H.Figuarts // Ultraman Suit

With the Netflix ULTRAMAN anime set having its worldwide premiere today, it's only fitting to feature the ULTRA-ACT ✕ S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Suit as the next CATALOGUE Entry. Technically this is based on the manga design as the anime version is a little different. Tamashii Nations is also releasing new figures based on the animation designs … Continue reading #5001 / ULTRA-ACT ✕ S.H.Figuarts // Ultraman Suit