Work-in-Progress #2: HGUC Victory Gundam(s)

Technically this is my second post on this project as my initial update was covered in the January projects post linked here. As also mentioned in that post, I was thinking on whether to build the A-Packs right after the Narrative Gundam or to take a brake and continue with the Victory Gundams instead. I … Continue reading Work-in-Progress #2: HGUC Victory Gundam(s)


Iron Man Figures: PVC, ABS, and Fading Paints

As seen in a couple of previous blog posts, I've repainted my S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 45 due to paint fade issues on multiple parts. While that's already done and primary caused by not-so-ideal storage locations, here's another tidbit that Iron Man figure collectors would appreciate knowing. Here's a tweet from Yamaguchi Katsuhisa (@fuikitodoki), the … Continue reading Iron Man Figures: PVC, ABS, and Fading Paints

Ongoing Projects: January 2019

Or as I'd like to call it, "stuff I do to prevent myself from overthinking." At the start of 2019, I challenged myself to start multiple builds and projects this January so that I'll eventually finish more stuff as well, or at least that's the idea. So let's do a quick rundown of what I've … Continue reading Ongoing Projects: January 2019

Bandai Spirits January 2019 New Kit Reveals

Bandai Spirits Hobby Division, via their Twitter account @hobbysite, revealed a couple of kits slated for April/May 2019 release. And as always, here are my unsolicited thoughts on these announcements. The last kit announced in the HG 1/60 Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory line is the Arbalest recolor which includes the XL-2 Emergency Deployment Booster. … Continue reading Bandai Spirits January 2019 New Kit Reveals