BLOG: "TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS – Power of the Primes" Updates

"TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS - Power of the Primes" Updates Still coming from Hasbro’s panel on Toy Fair 2018, they have also announced the next wave of Power of the Primes figures, including the Leader class Evolution Optimal Optimus.

Like Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime before, the ‘Evolution’ component of this set comes from a smaller (possibly Voyager-sized) Optimus Primal figure that’s integrated into the Optimal Optimus transformation. This transformation should also include the other alternate modes that Optimal Optimus has if the previously leaked design plans would be referenced.

The wave should also include one of the last Combiners that have yet to receive a modern release — Predaking. Many have reported seeing Elita-1 in stores so the rest should be coming soon as well.


BLOG: "TRANSFORMERS Studio Series" Official Reveals

"TRANSFORMERS Studio Series" Official Reveals With the rumors of rebooting the current live action Transformers franchise looming, it is a perfect time to those polarizing designs as Hasbro officially reveals the TRANSFORMERS Studio Series in New York Toy Fair 2018. The line will encompass designs from all Michael Bay-produced live action features.

Unlike Takara Tomy’s similar Movie The Best line of repaints, these figures are mostly new molds and some retools. Each figure also comes with a backdrop from the movie they had iconic scenes. The initial four Deluxe class figures are now on sale at Hasbro’s website for a limited time. For the rest of the line though, they have yet to be determined.

BLOG: "TRANSFORMERS Cyberverse" Toyline Revealed

"TRANSFORMERS Cyberverse" Toyline Revealed Right in time for New York Toy Fair 2018, Hasbro has revealed the accompanying toyline for TRANSFORMERS Cyberverse which will replace TRANSFORMERS Robots in Disguise (2015) this year.

Much like the collector-oriented Generations line, various size classes are reintroduced albeit different names — Scout, Warrior, Ultra, and Ultimate — with the Warrior class carrying over from RiD. Being targeted for younger audiences, these figures will also feature ‘Action Attack’ gimmicks for additional play patterns.

As for the fiction, it will revolve around Bumblebee as he tries to fix his damaged memory chips and remember his mission. There would be 18 episodes for 2018, each with a runtime of 11 minutes.

BLOG: MODEROID Mazinkaiser Haoh and God Mars – Under Development

MODEROID Mazinkaiser Haoh and God Mars - Under Development In a recent article from Akiba Souken; Hiroaki Tanaka, who started the Super Minipla line over at Bandai Candy Toy Division, is now with Good Smile Company working on the MODEROID kits. This is the reason why these have the same passion project feel as Super Minipla.

And so, the next projects in the line are Mazinkaiser Haoh and God Mars. Both kits look amazing, with the former an enough reason already to warrant a purchase of their Mazinkaiser model kit. And the latter is a fully transformable God Mars as a model kit. They will reveal more of God Mars during Wonder Festival Winter 2018 this coming Feb. 18.

The direction this line is going is really interesting and it is great that they are actually letting the hobbyists in with the development blog.

BLOG: Soul of Chogokin Full Action

Soul of Chogokin Full Action Just when you thought Tamashii Nations is now streamlining their various product lines, they’ve yet added another one and while appreciated, it’s also a little redundant.

So over C3 AFA Hong Kong 2018, they revealed the new Soul of Chogokin Full Action line which are essentially larger Super Robot Chogokin figures with the standard height of 180 mm. This means more articulation and stylish proportions but sans the transformations and combinations.

On the other hand, the standard 180 mm height also means that these will display nicely with METAL BUILD figures and most 1/100 scale Gunpla. And with the recent Super Robot Chogokin releases standing at around 160 mm, these SOC Full Action figures should blend to an extent.