Wonder Festival 2020 (Winter): MODEROID

Yesterday was the Winter Wonder Festival for 2020 and just like previous years, Good Smile Company made sure to come all out and reveal all products they have in their various pipelines. And of course, I'll be giving my unsolicited thoughts on what they have in store for the MODEROID line of model kits. 1/60 … Continue reading Wonder Festival 2020 (Winter): MODEROID

Box Art Extravaganza: January 2020

I've decided to stop counting these "Box Art Extravaganza" posts in German and do them the easier way, not that it really matters. Anywho, most of these box arts are January Bandai Spirits releases, though there's one I'm currently joggling whether to get or not -- and it's nor from Bandai Spirits. MODEROID Chase Cruiser … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza: January 2020

Hand-Painting, Literally. Work-in-Progress #2: MODEROID Savage Crossbow

Not exactly the smoothest build but I'm almost done with the MODEROID Savage Crossbow. All that's left is a little bit of hand-painting. Prior to this build, I was really apprehensive when it comes to hand-painting my kits. But thanks to a couple of YouTube tutorials, I've had a new found appreciation of the technique, … Continue reading Hand-Painting, Literally. Work-in-Progress #2: MODEROID Savage Crossbow

New MODEROID Solicitations: January 2020

Cheesy banner image aside, Good Smile Company has released their January 2020 product solicitations and includes some from their MODEROID model kit line. Building a MODEROID kit is still a far cry from Bandai Spirits-level of engineering but they have their own quirks that made me interested in their upcoming releases. Staring with the 1/35 … Continue reading New MODEROID Solicitations: January 2020

Freaking Minus Molds! Work-in-Progress #1: MODEROID Savage Crossbow

I was really setting my sights on building the RG Nu Gundam during the holiday break. Well, I'll defer that build as my next since I went on and started this guy. This is the MODEROID 1/35 Savage Crossbow, the Savage unit Sousuke Sagara used after the Arbalest got destroyed in Full Metal Panic! Invisible … Continue reading Freaking Minus Molds! Work-in-Progress #1: MODEROID Savage Crossbow