This Looks Good, Really Good! #WonHobby35: Max Factory ✕ Sen-Ti-Nel “Motored Cyborg Runner”

As I previously mentioned, WonHobby isn't exclusive to Good Smile Company, there's Max Factory as well. And when you see a great brand collaborate with yet another great brand, expect something completely different. That's exactly what Max Factory has on the show floor as they revealed a new collaboration with Sen-Ti-Nel and artist AF_KURO. She … Continue reading This Looks Good, Really Good! #WonHobby35: Max Factory ✕ Sen-Ti-Nel “Motored Cyborg Runner”

#WonHobby35: Figma Reveals and Displays

I really consider these WonHobby shows as more of Figma-oriented events, but that doesn't mean a mecha collector wouldn't have anything interesting to see here. Especially with the current popularity of 'mecha musume', there would be more options for us in the hobby. But before that, here's something I really appreciate they decided to continue. … Continue reading #WonHobby35: Figma Reveals and Displays

#WonHobby35: MODEROID Reveals and Displays

Good Smile Company is back with their bi-annual (?) highlight and display of upcoming products from their various lines, WonHobby 35 or "Wonderful Hobby Life For You 35" (like seriously, who thought of that long name). I don't expect much new stuff from their Good Mecha Smile brands as they did just have Mecha Smile … Continue reading #WonHobby35: MODEROID Reveals and Displays

Back on Schedule! #WonHobby33: New MODEROID Reveals

2020 saw the absence of the Good Smile Company's Summer "Wonderful Hobby Life for You" or WonHobby because of obvious reasons. 2021 has proven itself to be better (despite Gundam Hathaway being delayed twice already) as the Summer season event has returned as both online and limited physical exhibit. So of course, I'll try to … Continue reading Back on Schedule! #WonHobby33: New MODEROID Reveals

#WonHobby32: New MODEROID “Patlabor” and PLAMAX “Votoms” Kits

Chugging along the slew of revels from Wonderful Hobby Life for You!! 32, more model kits from classic franchises are on the pipeline, one of which has me scratching my head a little bit. We are getting more MODEROID kits from Patlabor, including support vehicles. First is a kit for the AV-0 Peacemaker which is … Continue reading #WonHobby32: New MODEROID “Patlabor” and PLAMAX “Votoms” Kits