#WonHobby32: New MODEROID “Patlabor” and PLAMAX “Votoms” Kits

Chugging along the slew of revels from Wonderful Hobby Life for You!! 32, more model kits from classic franchises are on the pipeline, one of which has me scratching my head a little bit. We are getting more MODEROID kits from Patlabor, including support vehicles. First is a kit for the AV-0 Peacemaker which is … Continue reading #WonHobby32: New MODEROID “Patlabor” and PLAMAX “Votoms” Kits

RIOBOT Alternatives! #WonHobby32 New MODEROID Kits

Good Smile Company and Max Factory are once again flexing their muscles with their annual (?) Wonderful Hobby Life for You!! 32 show, except that it's all virtual this year because of you-know-what. As always, we got a slew of new upcoming MODEROID kit reveals though these ones are particularly interesting. If you're that collector … Continue reading RIOBOT Alternatives! #WonHobby32 New MODEROID Kits