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BLOG: Today’s Robits – Third Quarter 2017

Today's Robits - Third Quarter 2017 This is Today’s Robits – posts that showcase CATALOGUE-related acquisitions for the entire duration of the covered period. In other words, it’s all about this month’s quarter’s hobby loot.

It has been quite a long while since the last one and and because it’s now December, there’s no perfect time to cover the robits for Q3 2017 than today…? Anyway, two of these came from a sale over HLJ while the two Mazingers are from the game Super Robot Wars V.

Looking at these four, it kind of makes one wonder why they chose a different packaging style for Giant Robo.


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BLOG: Super Minipla Live Robo & Live Boxer

Super Minipla Live Robo & Live Boxer Collecting Super Sentai robots is one rabbit hole this collector is glad to avoid. That said, things might be different when it comes to Super Minipla. After releasing the Megazord, Dragonzord and Titanus, Bandai Candy will to continue the Super Sentai train with Live Robo and Live Boxer from Liveman. They can also combine to form the Super Live Robo while maintaining the articulation of the individual robots.

Thinking of getting both but won’t give the same effort when building Gunpla, will just use the marking seals and apply some flat top coat.

  • Super Minipla Live Robo
    Release Information: Mar. 2017 · ¥4,200
  • Super Minipla Live Boxer
    Release Information: Mar. 2017 · ¥4,500

Images via Premium Bandai

BLOG: Bandai Candy Online Shop Exclusive – Super Minipla King J-Der

Bandai Candy Online Shop Exclusive - Super Minipla King J-Der Bandai Candy has been very ambitious with their Super Minipla releases and everyone really appreciates what they’re doing. So here’s another amazing kit to add to their already great line up.

Following their GaoGaiGar release is none other than Super Minipla King J-Der. Standing at 28 cm tall (almost the size of a Perfect Grade Gunpla), King J-Der can transform into J-Arc with J-Bird splitting off to transform into J-Der. J-Der itself is as tall as GaoGaiGar and is also articulated.

King J-Der comes with multiple accessories and can replicate the J-Quath attack, as well as replacement manipulators. The set also includes Plasma Wings and Plasma Sword effect parts for J-Der.

  • Super Minipla King J-Der
    Release Information: Dec. 2017 · ¥12,000
    Reservation via Premium Bandai

BLOG: Super MiniPla Zambo Ace?

Super MiniPla Zambo Ace? The Bandai Shokugan / Candy Toy division is quite busy recently with their upcoming Super MiniPla Galient releases (with this collector unfortunately missing pre-orders) when they decide to show this guy all in its prototype glory.

To the unfamiliar, this is Zambo Ace, the core unit of Zambot 3. While they haven’t shown the latter, it won’t make sense if they didn’t eventually show Zambot 3 itself. Regardless, here’s Zambo Ace and the engineering they’ve put into the kit. It transforms into Zambird via parts-forming and while expected, what’s not is that the set also comes with dedicated parts to build Zambird itself. This allows the display of both Zambo Ace and Zambird simultaneously.

Really looking forward to this guy now and here’s hoping for wider pre-order windows.

BLOG: Super MiniPla Xabungle – Work in Progress #3

Super MiniPla Xabungle - Work in Progress #3 Fast forward to 6 months since the last work in progress post for the Super MiniPla Xabungle and the primary kits for construction — Xabungle in both combined mode and its component machines — are more or less complete.

The build is still quite straight forward although there’s one thing worth noting. Assembling the leg units require attaching armor pieces to an ‘internal frame’ piece. Because the orientation of the part isn’t directly shown, or this collector is just an idiot, the aforementioned piece was attached in reverse. While it didn’t really compromise the overall assembly, it did affect the ankle joint as supporting pegs have to be removed because of the reversed connections. Meaning the ankle joints may be looser than they should.

Anyway, the weapons and support machines are yet to be built but Xabungle itself is done.