Ninja Robots! Super Minipla Ninja Senshi Tobikage Vol. 1

♪ Ninja robots, Ninja Robots! Fighting for right in the universe.. And for Romina the Alien Princess. ♪ Man, don't you just love retro themes like this? The lyrics are really up there on the cringe-o-meter. Anyway, you guys might remember Ninja Robots, yet another adapted Japanese series along the lines of Voltron and Robotech. … Continue reading Ninja Robots! Super Minipla Ninja Senshi Tobikage Vol. 1

Super Minipla Baikanfu: Design Specifications

As a professional working in information technology, we often use the term "design specifications" for something really technical. And I think what the guys at Bandai Candy wanted to do with this Super Minipla Baikanfu set is quite technical for a candy toy. Heck it exceeds most of the stuff I'm doing with my High … Continue reading Super Minipla Baikanfu: Design Specifications

Super Minipla Com-Battler V & Option Parts Set

I am still waiting and very much excited with Action Toys' Mini Action Series figures, with the initial wave including Com-Battler V, Voltes V, and Daimos. And just when I thought I finally have good representations of those three machines for my collection, Bandai steps in with this thing. The next machine to be featured … Continue reading Super Minipla Com-Battler V & Option Parts Set

“Choujin Sentai Jetman” Super Minipla

I feel very relieved that I'm not collecting figures of Super Sentai mecha. It would've involved tracking both vintage and modern toys that are costly, take too much shelf space, and are basically bricks. These three reasons prevent me from falling into that huge rabbit hole. But then came the Super Minipla line and their … Continue reading “Choujin Sentai Jetman” Super Minipla