One Shots / "Not So Fast!"

The last thing Harley Quinn remembers was being thrown into some unworldly portal. She wakes up in an unfamiliar territory, with everything burning, and some robotic turtle-looking thing running to her. Realizing she still has her trusty bat, she let's out a sadistic laugh...

One Shots / "Last Call, Final Warning"

Tony Stark isn't one to give out last calls and final warnings when he issues the Repulsor treatment. This time it's different, especially when he's using the Hulkbuster armor and he's dealing with the Hulk. But don't get him wrong, he has every intention to shoot... just with permission.

One Shots / "Creative. Classic. Cinematic."

For the past 80 years, Marvel comics has told a lot of stories involving Tony Stark and multiple versions of the Iron Man suit. But regardless of the stories and accompanying changes, it always goes back full circle to the iconic red and gold armor design.