One Shots / “The Robot Romance Trilogy”

Combattler V, Voltes V, and Daimos are collectively known as the "Robot Romance Trilogy" for pioneering more emotional and complex storylines when compared to the, at that time, prevalent monster-of-the-week formula of other super robot shows. Ironically, Daimos was the only series that actually had a romantic element embedded into its plot.

One Shots / “Adieu 2020!”

Seeing two people donning robotic iron armor suits and beating each other with a steel chair makes absolutely no sense. But if one of them is named Iron Man "2020", I think we can all agree that we would definitely want to get ourselves a steel chair and beat the hell out of that guy.

One Shots / “Darling and the Galactic Pretty Boy”

Apprivoise! The sky cracked, showing an imagery of colors and glitter, and revealed Taubarn in all its English gentleman demeanor. Strelitzia looked in awe as it had never been in the presence of such magnificence. That is when Zero Two and Takuto first met, and the battle immediately turned in a different direction. A direction no one expected.

One Shots / "Darkness Descending"

Despite the preconceptions and prejudices against it, darkness is a necessary force. Darkness maintains and keeps the balance of the world. Darkness is a check and balance that in itself needs to be checked. In the wrong hands, darkness corrupts. And once corruption caused by darkness descends... there's no turning back.