One Shots / “That’s Just Prime, Part 2”

Two years ago, I made this One Shots entry called "That's Just Prime" to quickly account for the numerous Voyager class Optimus Prime figures being released at that time. Skipping forward to the present, I've been catching up on several third-party Optimus Prime figures and just like before, I wanted to quickly account those in … Continue reading One Shots / “That’s Just Prime, Part 2”

One Shots / “Adventures in the Multiverse: G40 ✕ RX-78-2”

While doing routine patrols in the Gundam, Amuro starts to notice weird cracks and patterns appearing in the sky. A flash of blinding light follows and then a similar, yet also different, mobile suit materializes. Curious, Amuro opens comms channels and asks the pilot of the unknown mobile suit for identification. What he hears next … Continue reading One Shots / “Adventures in the Multiverse: G40 ✕ RX-78-2”

One Shots / “By the Numbers, and Letters”

Do not be caught off-guard by their short hair and unassuming demeanors. Remember, they are androids. They may be the prettiest of warriors, but they are all about serious business. And with names coming from seemingly unnatural combinations of numbers and letters, you wouldn't want to find yourself on the wrong side. Bring Arts / YoRHa … Continue reading One Shots / “By the Numbers, and Letters”

One Shots / “Double Axe Salute”

It's already 2022, but I'd like to insert this last One Shot for 2021. Earlier in December, fan-favorite creative Derrick J. Wyatt passed away. He was involved in several productions but is most known for Transformers Animated as art director and lead character designer. He was also close to the Transformers fan community, making his … Continue reading One Shots / “Double Axe Salute”

One Shots / “Extreme Versus: Maxi-Boost I”

Outside of great animated series, movies, and Gunpla, another great thing to come out of the Gundam franchise are the Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. arcade games. And while I don't play any of the recent titles, I do enjoy watching the opening videos of Gundams just duking it out. So much so that I … Continue reading One Shots / “Extreme Versus: Maxi-Boost I”