MECHA CATALOGUE | Definition & Dissection

The MECHA CATALOGUE (referred from here on as the CATALOGUE) is a Hobby Photography & Collection Index. While a simple phrase that’s easily understood, there exists a deeper meaning to this tagline. The CATALOGUE was created out of two necessities. First is to serve as an index for tracking and organizing the gathered collectibles and the other is to provide a medium for exploring figure/model photography. Simply put, this hobby blog aims to be the best representation of the mecha collection maintained by CVPhased.

  • Collected models/figures are organized and designated into entries in the CATALOGUE Collection Index. They are then grouped into categories depending on the franchise or fiction they represent.
  • The BLOG will basically mirror the collector’s hobby progression. In it are reactions to news stories, CATALOGUE updates, current builds, acquisitions and random yet related stuff – all presented in a microblogging style.
  • Hobby-relevant articles and special galleries constitute as FEATURES of the CATALOGUE. These appear at random and have content found on neither blog entries nor the main Collection Index.
  • Knowing ABOUT what goes in and out of the CATALOGUE is important. Organization will always be paramount for this collection and sets the precedent of whether it is for the reader at hand or not.
  • Feedbacks are always appreciated in the CATALOGUE. Whether its a simple inquiry, a link exchange or even a violent reaction, always feel free to comment and make CONTACT.

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