This isn’t a “version 2.0” but rather, a complete refresh with renewed focus on what the CATALOGUE is supposed to be.

Since going online in 2011, the MECHA CATALOGUE was always a passion project intended to be my best expression of the hobby. As the years went by, I eventually felt that it didn’t live up to my expectations and wasn’t really representative of the ‘best expression’ I was aiming for. Ultimately, the site became a rehash of the more capable websites providing hobby-related news coverage.

Refresh and Renewal

2019 sets off a new direction with a refresh providing opportunity to renew the passion on the hobby and collecting, then putting it all together through creative photography.

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The MECHA CATALOGUE isn’t different from any other blog or website that covers mecha anime and the hobbies or collectibles it spawned. That said, and this will sound really clichéd, the site was always meant to be my best expression of the hobby through visual media.

Hobbies. Collections.

Refresh and Renewal is all about refocusing on three key aspects — hobbies, collections, and photographs. Hobbies and collections are self explanatory, that’s what The CATALOGUE is. Retaining that stiff 2011 definition of being “a comprehensive index with the primary purpose of tracking and organizing collectibles.”, it basically means CATALOGUE entries are not reviews but more of my overall thoughts and impressions on a figure or model kit. Reviews would still be present, definitely, but they’ll be more of featured articles.


I’m hoping to further expand my visual story telling through more photos across the site. Whether it’s an old section like The CATALOGUE, the relaunched One Shots galleries, or even quick blog posts. That also includes the new photo-oriented and responsive site layout.

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