MECHA CATALOGUE | Definition & Dissection

A Hobby Photography & Collection Index, the CATALOGUE was created out of two necessities — as a quantifiable reference for organizing the collection and as a medium for exploring figure/model photography. This hobby blog aims to be the best representation of the mecha collection maintained by CVPhased.

  • Each model kit and figure in the CATALOGUE Collection Index are assigned into categorically grouped entries with feature photography and description.
  • BLOG posts on the CATALOGUE primarily cover news, build updates, themed featurettes, and insights on hobby-related topics.
  • The CATALOGUE also FEATURES special articles and galleries that focus on specific points — including reviews, events, and photoshoots.
  • Knowing ABOUT what goes in and out of the CATALOGUE sets the precedent of how the collection is maintained and organized.
  • Making CONTACT and interactions allows the exchange of inquiries, reactions, and other ideas that will help improve the CATALOGUE.