With a refreshed and renewed focus established, key to the CATALOGUE now is all on consistency and creativity.

2020 now presents a new opportunity to reinforce the passion on the hobby, collecting, and photography by focusing on consistent drive and continuous flow of creativity.

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Won-Hobby Gallery 2020 Online: MODEROID

With the Summer Wonder Festival this year getting cancelled due to you-know-what, companies are doing online exhibits for their new product announcements. Good Smile Company and Max Factory has opened the Won-Hobby Gallery 2020 Online which is a 3D virtual exhibit showcasing upcoming Good Smile Company and Max Factory products. And while I didn’t see … Continue reading Won-Hobby Gallery 2020 Online: MODEROID

Transformers Collaborative "Back to the Future" DeLorean / Gigawatt

Following last year’s Ecto-1 / Ectotron from Ghostbusters, the next figure in what’s now the Transformers Collaborative line of crossovers stems from a similarly iconic movie. Celebrating its 35th Anniversary, Back to the Future has proven itself to be a staple and a classic for time travel movies. Therefore, it’s only fitting that Hasbro chose … Continue reading Transformers Collaborative "Back to the Future" DeLorean / Gigawatt

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The MECHA CATALOGUE isn’t different from any other blog or website that covers mecha anime and the hobbies or collectibles it spawned. That said, and this will sound really clichéd, the site was always meant to be my best expression of the hobby through visual media.

Hobbies. Collections.

It is all about focusing on three key aspects — hobbies, collections, and photographs. Hobbies and collections are self explanatory, that’s what The CATALOGUE is. Retaining that rigid definition of being “a comprehensive index with the primary purpose of tracking and organizing collectibles.”, it basically means CATALOGUE entries are not reviews but more of my overall thoughts and impressions on a figure or model kit. Reviews would still be present, definitely, but they’ll be more of featured articles.


I’m targeting further expansion of my visual story telling through more photos across the site. Whether it’s an old section like The CATALOGUE, the relaunched One Shots galleries, or even quick blog posts. That also includes the new photo-oriented and responsive site layout.