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METAL ROBOT SPIRITS Strike Freedom Gundam Tamashii Nations has found a good way to create second versions of previous ROBOT SPIRITS figures without actually doing a second version via the METAL ROBOT SPIRITS line. Following the 00 Raiser is another of the older THE ROBOT SPIRITS releases, Strike Freedom Gundam.

Unlike the original figure, the METAL ROBOT SPIRITS version is actually quite tempting to get, thanks to the die-cast content and how its proportions isn’t as gaudy as the first release. It also includes parts to deploy the Dragoon binders although no ‘Wings of Light’ effect parts, as well as an elegant-looking display base that’s consistent with other METAL ROBOT SPIRITS releases.

    Strike Freedom Gundam

    Release Information: Mar. 2018 · ¥14,080
    Images via Tamashii Web

BLOG: PG Gundam Exia – Confirmed

PG Gundam Exia - Confirmed One of the ongoing rumors for the past couple of weeks is the announcement of the next Perfect Grade kit due December 2017. These rumors mainly point to a PG Gundam Exia which would be quite logical considering it perfectly ties to the Gundam 00 10th Anniversary stuff this year.

That said, the supposedly leaked images looked really fake and many were already downplaying this rumor until Bandai Hobby finally made it official via this teaser image.

Nothing has been revealed although the teaser tells that details should be available during the All Japan Model and Hobby Show from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, 2017.

BLOG: Mazinger Z / Infinity

It’s been known for quite a while that a new Mazinger Z animated feature is in the works, under the same working title. Now, they’ve released a new trailer and updated the actual title to Mazinger Z / Infinity.

Not really sure of what the plot would be but it’s safe to assume that it’s more or less the same as the original series — i.e. Kouji Kabuto piloting Mazinger Z to battle against the diabolical forces of Dr. Hell. What’s different is the animation because it looks amazing.

Mazinger Z / Infinity is slated to premiere in Japanese theaters on January 13, 2018.

BLOG: Bandai Candy Online Shop Exclusive – Super Minipla King J-Der

Bandai Candy Online Shop Exclusive - Super Minipla King J-Der Bandai Candy has been very ambitious with their Super Minipla releases and everyone really appreciates what they’re doing. So here’s another amazing kit to add to their already great line up.

Following their GaoGaiGar release is none other than Super Minipla King J-Der. Standing at 28 cm tall (almost the size of a Perfect Grade Gunpla), King J-Der can transform into J-Arc with J-Bird splitting off to transform into J-Der. J-Der itself is as tall as GaoGaiGar and is also articulated.

King J-Der comes with multiple accessories and can replicate the J-Quath attack, as well as replacement manipulators. The set also includes Plasma Wings and Plasma Sword effect parts for J-Der.

  • Super Minipla King J-Der
    Release Information: Dec. 2017 · ¥12,000
    Reservation via Premium Bandai

BLOG: Gundam Fix Figuration METAL COMPOSITE Wing Gundam Zero [EW]

Tamashii Nations has teased this figure for quite a while now, though this recent video they’ve brought during C3AFA Tokyo 2017 really shows why the Gundam Fix Figuration METAL COMPOSITE Wing Gundam Zero [EW] is in the running to be the definitive representation of this mobile suit.

Aside from the die-cast parts, its notable features include — two Neo Bird Mode transformation schemes, as well as a Unicorn Gundam-esque transformation upon activation of the Zero System where multiple hatches open. Finally, it comes with the Messer Zwerg add-on weapon which can be used in multiple configurations.

  • Gundam Fix Figuration METAL COMPOSITE
    Wing Gundam Zero [EW]

    Release Information: Feb. 2018 · ¥25,000
    Video via Bandai Official Channel