I Kinda Want One! S.H.Figuarts SC-2 Windom

Despite looking really goofy, the Special Airborne Armors from Ultraman Z have their charms. So much so that I immediately pulled the trigger when Tamashii Nations decided to release S.H.Figuarts Space Sevenger as I missed getting the original Sevenger. They also released S.H.Figuarts King Joe STORAGE Custom which, for some reason, didn't pique my interest. … Continue reading I Kinda Want One! S.H.Figuarts SC-2 Windom

#2008 / S.H.Figuarts / Iron Man Mark 3

Having covered both the S.H.Figuarts Mark 1 and Mark 2 figures, it only makes sense for the first red and gold Iron Man armor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get the CATALOGUE treatment with the S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 3 as it appeared in the climactic battle of Iron Man. I'm also thinking the … Continue reading #2008 / S.H.Figuarts / Iron Man Mark 3

#2007 / S.H.FIguarts / Iron Man Mark 2

Tamashii Nations has released quite the number of S.H.Figuarts Iron Man figures from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And I've decided to create their CATALOGUE Entries in order of sequence, except for the Mark 85 and 49 thanks to the hype of Avengers: Endgame back then. I already did the Mark 1 and the obvious follow … Continue reading #2007 / S.H.FIguarts / Iron Man Mark 2

I Still Choose the Model Kits: S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Suit Taro -the Animation-

Season 2 of ULTRAMAN recently dropped and introduced us to Kotaro Higashi, the newest member of the hero ensemble to don an Ultraman Suit. Bandai Spirits' hobby division has already released the Figure-rise Standard kit of the suit and apparently, Tamashii Nations has planned the same, which came in a surprise announcement of sorts. Skipping … Continue reading I Still Choose the Model Kits: S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Suit Taro -the Animation-

#5005 / ULTRA-ACT ✕ S.H.Figuarts / Ultraman Suit Ver.7.2

I really didn't plan this, but apparently, the last time I posted a CATALOGUE Entry from the ULTRAMAN manga-slash-Netflix original was around the time the first season came out three years ago back in April 2019. And I was meaning to post this earlier as I've completed both the photoshoot and the write up by … Continue reading #5005 / ULTRA-ACT ✕ S.H.Figuarts / Ultraman Suit Ver.7.2