One Shots / “Completely Same Yet Completely Different”

In 1999, Sunrise launched the Gundam Big Bang Project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise. It involved several productions, but the two most notable were Turn "A" Gundam and G-Saviour. You can say they're fruits from the same tree that fell on completely different paths. The former, while initially polarizing, is now considered … Continue reading One Shots / “Completely Same Yet Completely Different”

#1006 / High Grade G-SAVIOUR / G-Saviour [Space Mode]

Happy holidays! I know most Gundam fans would do a rewatch of Endless Waltz or something, but not for this fan. For this fan, we would want to give the gift that keeps on giving. And that gift is no other than the elusive, yet highly discussed upon model kit that is the HG G-Saviour … Continue reading #1006 / High Grade G-SAVIOUR / G-Saviour [Space Mode]

One Shots / “Straight Out of… Box”

"Straight out of camera" is what I wanted to say, but this photo was created though focus stacking in post, a technique I should've tried sooner. Anyway, I had a couple of tech and gear upgrades recently, including the camera I used for this photo. I'll get into details in a future post, but I'm … Continue reading One Shots / “Straight Out of… Box”

HG G-Saviour Completed and Next Build Preview

So here's a personal achievement. I managed to complete my build of the HG G-Saviour just as November ended. Which means I can still fudge a kit or so during the last month of this freaking year. I don't have the highest of build standards but I'm quite satisfied on how this kit turned out, … Continue reading HG G-Saviour Completed and Next Build Preview

2020 Penultimate Build: HG G-Saviour

You read that right. As 2020 turned out to be one of the worst in recent years, I think it's only fitting to build the HG G-Saviour as my penultimate kit for the year. And not because the kit is the worst, there are a lot of newer ones that deserve that title more. But … Continue reading 2020 Penultimate Build: HG G-Saviour