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BLOG: Box Art Extravaganza Neunzehn

Box Art Extravaganza Neunzehn As noted in previous blog entries, they’ve decided to reclassify the Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory kits as high grades. This totally makes sense as the previous releases have great color separation and articulation that rivals or even exceeds Gunpla models of similar grades.

The better question here is, would they release more Full Metal Panic! kits or they’ll just do these 4 and stop altogether, similar to what they did with the Pacific Rim Uprising High Grade kits.

Regardless if they’ll do the same, it looks like Good Smile Company is willing to pick up and release kits for the less popular designs under their MODEROID line. They already have the Savage Crossbow and are doing other recolors as well. Kotobukiya is also releasing similarly-scaled kits but with aesthetics much more akin to the manga.

  • HG Laevatein (Invisible Victory)
    Release Information: Oct. 2018 · ¥3,600

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BLOG: 58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show – Bandai Spirits – High Grade

58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show - Bandai Spirits - High Grade The 58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show is Japan’s premier showcase of upcoming hobby and model-related products. It went from Sept. 29-30 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. [Official Website]

This year’s All Japan Model & Hobby Show wasn’t really that interesting for this collector, though there are some surprises here and there.

While Gundam Build Divers has recently concluded, the last episode introduced a bunch more mobile suits and designs that would automatically translate to upcoming Gunpla kits. Such is the case for the HGBF GBN Base Gundam which was explained as the GBN Guard Frame with the RX-78-2 Gundam armor. The design is a modern take on the classic but the prototype on display looks totally different and has this pastel color that looks ‘squishy’ for a lack of a better term. Hopefully this gets changed to a more standard color scheme before release.

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BLOG: HGUC Narrative Gundam A-Packs – CG Renders

HGUC Narrative Gundam [Equipment A] - CG Renders Bandai Spirits will be opening pre-orders for the titular mobile suit of Gundam NT, that being the HGUC Narrative Gundam [Equipment A]. As previously teased, this set comes with the Dendrobuim-esque mobille armor unit.

The Narrative Gundam will feature ‘butterfly’ shoulder joints and waist assembly that can shift down for more leg mobility. On the other hand, the Equipment A unit would be supported by an included display base for both the main body and the two long cannons.

Better prototypes of the kit will be on display at the “Char’s Counterattack World” section of The Gundam Base Tokyo starting September 20.

BLOG: Box Art Extravaganza – Blue Bandai Edition

Box Art Extravaganza - Blue Bandai Edition To those unaware, Bandai was split into two entities. The red Bandai being dedicated to boys/girls toys, candy toys, and others. Then there’s the blue Bandai or Bandai Spirits dedicated to the adult consumers — including Tamashii Nations and Bandai Hobby. That said, it’s only starting with this month’s releases (at least for the hobby division) that the blue Bandai Spirits logo is appearing.

Starting this list is one of the more anticipated kits for the latter of 2018, the HGUC Moon Gundam from the manga of the same name. Being an HGUC kit, it uses the orange color coding used by ZZ Gundam which featured the infamous Moon Moon Colony. Not really sure how that’s related to the story of Mobile Suit Moon Gundam but regardless, this is one interesting kit.

  • HGUC Moon Gundam
    Release Information: Sept. 2018 · ¥3,000

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BLOG: HGBD Gundam Shining Break

HGBD Gundam Shining Break Both Gundam Build Fighters (and its spin-offs) and the currently airing Gundam Build Divers have featured mobile suits from various Gundam series. However, neither has featured a design that’s a straight derivative of something from G Gundam. That’s about to change as the side story Gundam Build Divers Break would introduce the Gundam Shining Break, to which its inspiration should be quite obvious.

Totally departing from its close combat origins, this redesign is more conventional with the shield and rifle set up. It’s also transformable, which essentially means the Gundam just lying on its front with its shield as the nose cone. And admittedly, it does looks much better than the designs from the TV series.