#5006 / RE:EDIT / Mjolnir Mark VI [Gen 3] “Master Chief”

2022 is finally over and we're now on the first in a new set of 365 days that makes up 2023. And to kick off 2023, I wanted to post a new gallery from the category I've least updated in 2022, my #5000 / Twelfth-scale and Others collection. I do admit owning the least collectibles … Continue reading #5006 / RE:EDIT / Mjolnir Mark VI [Gen 3] “Master Chief”

#1010 / High Grade Cosmic Era / GAT-X105+AQM/E-X01 Aile Strike Gundam

I know, I know, it's almost Christmas and I should be putting up a gallery of Wing Zero EW or something. Don't worry, I'm working on it. In the meantime, here's a CATALOGUE Entry that's sort of meant as a companion to #1009 / Entry Grade / Strike Gundam I put up recently. This HGCE … Continue reading #1010 / High Grade Cosmic Era / GAT-X105+AQM/E-X01 Aile Strike Gundam

#1009 / Entry Grade / GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

2022 apparently marks the 20th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, 20 years! Back then we were just celebrating the 20th anniversary of the whole Gundam franchise and now, it's been that long since SEED came out! Anyway, I just wanted to post a SEED-related CATALOGUE Entry before the year ends and among the myriad … Continue reading #1009 / Entry Grade / GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

#4006 / Function-X / Positum (“Alligatorcon” Optimus Prime)

It's been a week since the folks over at the United States celebrated Thanksgiving and ate good servings of turkey. But unlike Americans, alligators don't need a specific occasion or celebration to munch on good servings of turkey. Actually, I don't know where I'm going with this but speaking of alligators, we have FansProject's Function-X … Continue reading #4006 / Function-X / Positum (“Alligatorcon” Optimus Prime)

#1008 / High Grade Universal Century / RX-78NT-1FA Gundam NT-1 [Chobham Armor]

When I decided to build the stock configuration and Chobham armor-equipped HGUC Gundam NT-1 as two separate kits, the question of whether to shoot them as two separate galleries came to mind. In the end, I thought that cramming two different-looking mobile suits in the same 12-photo gallery would do these kits a little disservice. … Continue reading #1008 / High Grade Universal Century / RX-78NT-1FA Gundam NT-1 [Chobham Armor]