#5004 / RE:EDIT / Mjolnir Mark V “Master Chief”

Halo Infinite, the sixth main entry in the Halo game series, and the latest in the franchise, just dropped a few days ago (as of this post). So, it makes perfect sense to feature its most prominent character, and one of the most recognizable characters on modern game titles, on this site. Yes, I'm talking … Continue reading #5004 / RE:EDIT / Mjolnir Mark V “Master Chief”

#2006 / S.H.Figuarts / Iron Man Mark 1

With the exception of Iron Man Mark 85 (and the Mark 49), I've always wanted to cover my Iron Man figures in my collection in progression. I sort of started with Iron Man Model 1 for all comic book inspired designs but I've yet to do the same from the Marvel Cinematic Universe ones, until … Continue reading #2006 / S.H.Figuarts / Iron Man Mark 1

#3007 / TRU Metal / Taekwon V

As of this post, Super Robot Wars 30 was formally announced yesterday, so I wanted have a super robot for the next CATALOGUE Entry. Though this one ain't appearing in any game any time soon. Because this is TRU Metal Taekwon V, a Korean super robot initially created as a Mazinger Z knockoff but sort … Continue reading #3007 / TRU Metal / Taekwon V

#2005 / Variant Bring Arts / Iron Man

When I got this figure a couple of months ago, I remember asking, and posting to social media, why this guy isn't getting that much coverage form both Japanese and English-speaking toy-slash-figure reviewers. Well, let's just say I kinda know now. And you will know too, along with more photos of Variant Bring Arts Iron … Continue reading #2005 / Variant Bring Arts / Iron Man

#3006 / Mini Action / Combattler V

I almost forgot I've had this photoshoot up and ready for a couple of months now. But in any case, The CATALOGUE has finally delved into combining super robots, dominating the genre in the 70s. Starting things off is Mini Action Combattler V, the first in the "Romance Robot Trilogy", and first in a line … Continue reading #3006 / Mini Action / Combattler V