#3010 / RIOBOT / R-2/Powered [Real Personal Trooper Type-2/Powered]

As of this post, I have taken photos for all three RIOBOT SRX Project units, so I can say I have enough leeway to finally release these two galleries. Much like the R-1, both R-2 and its R-2 Powered upgrade had some issues but, I did have a relatively better experience with the latter, especially … Continue reading #3010 / RIOBOT / R-2/Powered [Real Personal Trooper Type-2/Powered]

#3009 / RIOBOT / R-1 [Real Personal Trooper Type-1]

It's been almost a month since I got the RIOBOT SRX set, and the included figures have taken over my photo booth queue. Doing these shots isn't the smoothest of experiences due to reasons I'll mention in the included blurbs. But these figures are still, at the moment, the definitive representation of the SRX. So, … Continue reading #3009 / RIOBOT / R-1 [Real Personal Trooper Type-1]

#2009 / Marvel Legends Series / Iron Monger (The Infinity Saga)

I almost forgot that I already have this CATALOGUE Entry up and ready for a month or so already, but here it is. To cap off my coverage of the Iron Man armors appearing in the 2008 movie Iron Man is of course our main antagonist, realized in this relatively new Marvel Legends figure released … Continue reading #2009 / Marvel Legends Series / Iron Monger (The Infinity Saga)

#2008 / S.H.Figuarts / Iron Man Mark 3

Having covered both the S.H.Figuarts Mark 1 and Mark 2 figures, it only makes sense for the first red and gold Iron Man armor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get the CATALOGUE treatment with the S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 3 as it appeared in the climactic battle of Iron Man. I'm also thinking the … Continue reading #2008 / S.H.Figuarts / Iron Man Mark 3

#2007 / S.H.FIguarts / Iron Man Mark 2

Tamashii Nations has released quite the number of S.H.Figuarts Iron Man figures from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And I've decided to create their CATALOGUE Entries in order of sequence, except for the Mark 85 and 49 thanks to the hype of Avengers: Endgame back then. I already did the Mark 1 and the obvious follow … Continue reading #2007 / S.H.FIguarts / Iron Man Mark 2