#5003 / Figma // JUNO-XIV Drossel von Flügel

Did you know that the earliest Figma figure based on a Disney license didn't come from any Marvel franchise? The first one was actually Drossel right here and she was an instant hit upon release. Makes you wonder why, right? To know more, let’s take a look and check out the photos of this robotic … Continue reading #5003 / Figma // JUNO-XIV Drossel von Flügel

#2003 / Marvel Legends Series // Iron Man Model 1 (“First Appearance” 2016)

This is an old figure, if the title above ain't obvious enough. But despite this, the clunky articulation, coupled with the clunky design of the original Iron Man has its charms. That's probably the reason why Hasbro is taking its time releasing a modern take on the first comic book Iron Man armor. And so, … Continue reading #2003 / Marvel Legends Series // Iron Man Model 1 (“First Appearance” 2016)

#4003B / Reformatted // Seraphicus Prominon (Nova Prime)

Capping off this two-piece set for Mastermind Creations' take on Nova Prime is the final form of Seraphicus Prominon which is the core robot combined with the armor pieces from the trailer set. Outside of sharing the same color choices, this armored form looks worlds apart from the vanilla core robot. And so, let’s take … Continue reading #4003B / Reformatted // Seraphicus Prominon (Nova Prime)

#4003A / Reformatted // Seraphicus Prominon [Core] (Nova Prime)

I wasn't really planning on creating the CATALOGUE Entries for Mastermind Creations' Seraphicus Prominon, their take on Nova Prime. However, I can't seem to find the storage box where I placed most of my modern Transformers figures so decided to just go with this guy. Oh, and both the core robot and the armored forms … Continue reading #4003A / Reformatted // Seraphicus Prominon [Core] (Nova Prime)

#3003 / Revoltech Yamaguchi // Gurren Lagann

I admit to have found myself taking my Revotlech Yamaguchi Gurren Lagann figures out of storage after my recent viewing of Promare which had very similar themes and... everything. I hope someone would release figures of the mecha from Promare. Anyway, this is a perfect time to revisit these figures, starting with the vanilla Gurren … Continue reading #3003 / Revoltech Yamaguchi // Gurren Lagann