#WonHobby35: MODEROID Reveals and Displays

Good Smile Company is back with their bi-annual (?) highlight and display of upcoming products from their various lines, WonHobby 35 or “Wonderful Hobby Life For You 35” (like seriously, who thought of that long name). I don’t expect much new stuff from their Good Mecha Smile brands as they did just have Mecha Smile Impact a month or so ago. But we still get a couple of notable ones, so here we go.

This guy was probably included in the slew of announcements from Mecha Smile Impact, but I can’t remember it for some reason. Anyway, we are getting a 1/100 scale MODEROID Xabungle kit. Doing some research pointed me to the Xabungle having a height of around 17 to 18 meters, which would make it as tall as your typical Gundam. Which also makes this kit a little bit large for my collection, and I’ll be sticking with my Super Minipla version.

But regardless of my collecting preferences, this appears to be a great kit, with all those surface details you tend to see with Master Grades. Then there’s the whole transformation and combination feature so it would be interesting how Good Smile Company tackles this machine.

This release also coincides with the 40th anniversary of Combat Mecha Xabungle so I guess it’s a good time to take photos of my Super Minipla kit. Probably.

MODEROID 1/100 Xabungle

Unlike Xabungle, I do remember their announcement of the MODEROID God Σ Gravion kit, albeit just in CG. This time, we have actual colored (or painted) samples. This is kit is basically a recolor and retool of the yet-to-be-released God Gravion kit, with Gran Σ as its core. So as far as I remember, they announced a Sol Σ Gravion kit during Mecha Smile Impact. If they’re also doing God Σ Gravion, then are we getting two Gran Σ kits? This train of thought would make more sense with what follows.

They previously teased the Ultimate Gravion combination in Mecha Smile Impact, but we never saw a glimpse of it, not even as CG. It’s a treat to finally see the combination as actual-colored samples.

Yes, it does appear we would have two Gran Σ to get this combination. Ultimate Gravion is comprised of Gran Kaiser, the Grandivas, and the Sol Grandivas in one heck of a combination. We would need Gran Kaiser from the God Gravion kit, the Sol Grandivas from the Sol Σ Gravion kit, and finally, the recolored Grandivas from the God Σ Gravion kit. Oh, and we would also be left with the Grandivas in their original colors.

No release information has been announced but I am hyped to build these kits!

MODEROID God Σ Gravion

And while these are what I think to be the reveals under the Good Mecha Smile banner, they also have upcoming Figma releases that piqued my interest. Stay tuned for those.


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