This Looks Good, Really Good! #WonHobby35: Max Factory ✕ Sen-Ti-Nel “Motored Cyborg Runner”

As I previously mentioned, WonHobby isn’t exclusive to Good Smile Company, there’s Max Factory as well. And when you see a great brand collaborate with yet another great brand, expect something completely different. That’s exactly what Max Factory has on the show floor as they revealed a new collaboration with Sen-Ti-Nel and artist AF_KURO.

She is often thought of as a coward, but this style of challenge is a means to fight unknown and talented people. Many people who know her well are fascinated by her seemingly cool, passionate, and seeking personality.

Max Factory and Sen-Ti-Nel are collaborating to produce a new movable figure series as they like to call it. From the designs of AF_KURO (Twitter, ArtStation) is Motored Cyborg Runner, and I have no idea what’s it supposed to be. And that’s completely okay because they’ve just revealed a prototype of a new upcoming figure, and it totally looks good, really good.

I may have no idea what this is all about, but I can appreciate amazing great design. And this is exactly the case for (what I assume is) Tsuzigiri_9M. Completely going by context here, she’s one of the titular Motored Cyborg Runners. The figure is displayed facing backwards to show the intricate mechanical detail on her body. But if you want to see how she looks on the front, check out the image below.

I just composited the show floor image along with some illustrations from the special site dedicated to this new line (link here) to give you an idea of the imagery this new figure tries to portray. It also shows how poseable this would be, given that the character is supposed to be very agile.

As much as I’m gushing over this figure and design, I do first want to confirm how it scales, as it’s currently listed as a non-scale figure. I am hoping that it will fit well with 1/12 scale stuff based on how it’s supported by Good Smile Company’s The Simple Stand which are meant for Figmas and the like.

And while there are no release specifics mentioned, this is supposed to launch some time in 2022 so I’ll be closely watching this.

Motored Cyborg Runner Tsuzigiri_9M


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