Samus and (One) More! #SmileFest 2022 Tokyo: “Metroid Dread”

I almost forgot to post this, but we did get samples and prototype images of the upcoming Figma releases from Metroid Dread. I forgot which Good Smile Company event it was, but they previously announced doing Figma releases from Metroid Dread though they only got illustrations to show. Now we have colored prototype shots of … Continue reading Samus and (One) More! #SmileFest 2022 Tokyo: “Metroid Dread”

#WonHobby35: Figma Reveals and Displays

I really consider these WonHobby shows as more of Figma-oriented events, but that doesn't mean a mecha collector wouldn't have anything interesting to see here. Especially with the current popularity of 'mecha musume', there would be more options for us in the hobby. But before that, here's something I really appreciate they decided to continue. … Continue reading #WonHobby35: Figma Reveals and Displays

One Shots / “Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter”

As of this post, Nintendo has revealed the next installment in the Metroid franchise, Metroid Dread. Thus, it's only fitting we get ourselves acquainted, once again, with the intergalactic bounty hunter and badass extraordinaire that is Samus Aran. Figma / Varia Suit (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)Figma / Varia Feature (Metroid: Other M) Check out the … Continue reading One Shots / “Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter”

#5003 / Figma / JUNO-XIV Drossel von Flügel

Did you know that the earliest Figma figure based on a Disney license didn't come from any Marvel franchise? The first one was actually Drossel right here and she was an instant hit upon release. Makes you wonder why, right? To know more, let’s take a look and check out the photos of this robotic … Continue reading #5003 / Figma / JUNO-XIV Drossel von Flügel

Will This be a Trend? Good Smile Company ACT MODE Mio & Type 15 Ver.2

A month or so ago, Bandai Spirits revealed a collaboration project between their hobby and collector divisions. This is composed of an action figure and a model kit that can combine as the main gimmick. This time, Good Smile Company will take a shot at the same concept but it will just be a single … Continue reading Will This be a Trend? Good Smile Company ACT MODE Mio & Type 15 Ver.2