#WonHobby32: New MODEROID “Patlabor” and PLAMAX “Votoms” Kits

Chugging along the slew of revels from Wonderful Hobby Life for You!! 32, more model kits from classic franchises are on the pipeline, one of which has me scratching my head a little bit. We are getting more MODEROID kits from Patlabor, including support vehicles. First is a kit for the AV-0 Peacemaker which is … Continue reading #WonHobby32: New MODEROID “Patlabor” and PLAMAX “Votoms” Kits

#5003 / Figma / JUNO-XIV Drossel von Flügel

Did you know that the earliest Figma figure based on a Disney license didn't come from any Marvel franchise? The first one was actually Drossel right here and she was an instant hit upon release. Makes you wonder why, right? To know more, let’s take a look and check out the photos of this robotic … Continue reading #5003 / Figma / JUNO-XIV Drossel von Flügel

Combat Armors MAX Dougram [Anti-Aircraft Pack Mounted Type]

I totally missed when this was announced, but the Combat Armors MAX line of model kits from Dougram still continues and they've now ventured into the territory of design variations with the release of this kit. This is the Dougram [Anti-Aircraft Pack Mounted Type] and this is essentially the same Dougram kit way back when … Continue reading Combat Armors MAX Dougram [Anti-Aircraft Pack Mounted Type]