#WonHobby35: Figma Reveals and Displays

I really consider these WonHobby shows as more of Figma-oriented events, but that doesn’t mean a mecha collector wouldn’t have anything interesting to see here. Especially with the current popularity of ‘mecha musume‘, there would be more options for us in the hobby.

But before that, here’s something I really appreciate they decided to continue.

With the announcement and release of Metroid Dread last year, I really hoped Good Smile Company would also release another Figma Samus Aran figure in her new Varia Suit from the game. And it looks like I’m not alone in that thought as they are indeed releasing this design in figure form. It’s main difference from previous iterations is how it replaces the standard gold with white, along with more light blue parts. And if the previous releases are of any indication, they are doing a wonderful job (see what I did there) with these, so I’m really looking forward to getting one.

Figma Samus Aran (Metroid Dread Ver.)

And now, for the mecha musume.

I don’t always talk about Alice Gear Aegis stuff is a new figure or model kit gets announced. Though I definitely give them a good look if I saw one in a local hobby store or something, but not enough to pull the trigger and buy one. In any case, they are adding another one to the Figma roster with Fumika Momoshina who appears to be packing some heavy artillery and laser weaponry with those floating bits. I don’t really know anything about the game, but I can definitely appreciate a great design, especially those leg armor units.

Figma Fumika Momoshina

Now WonHobby isn’t an exclusive Good Smile Company event, there’s also Max Factory, and there’s one particular item that also caught my attention.


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