#WonHobby32: New MODEROID “Patlabor” and PLAMAX “Votoms” Kits

Chugging along the slew of revels from Wonderful Hobby Life for You!! 32, more model kits from classic franchises are on the pipeline, one of which has me scratching my head a little bit.

We are getting more MODEROID kits from Patlabor, including support vehicles. First is a kit for the AV-0 Peacemaker which is kind of the final version of the AV-X0 Type Zero based on their similar aesthetics. This unit is also meant to replace the older Ingrams. I haven’t pre-ordered the Type Zero kit and given we’re getting the Peacemaker, it probably is a good idea to secure one. For support vehicles, we have the HAL-X10 which kind of looks like a mobile armor in Gundam terms. It appears from the TV series as a labor programmed to level a city thanks to its AI going berserk. They also revealed the Type 98 Special Control Vehicle + Type 99 Special Labor Carrier. This should allow you to recreate scenes of the Ingram, or any other labor, being raised up and deployed.

We’re also getting the Type J9 Griffon [Flight & Aqua Unit] which is basically the Griffon with two option backpack units. Most people would probably want to get two copies to display both configurations as separate kits. I’m not planning to get this guy but hey, that’s an option.

Going on a different tangent, Max Factory has also revealed new PLAMAX kits, this time from Votoms and in 1/24 scale. Bandai Spirits previously made Votoms kits in 1/24 scale — which is the reason I got the smaller 1/35 scale ones from Wave. Bandai Spirits also hasn’t produced new 1/24 Votoms kits and it makes sense if they Max Factory takes a shot in their growing PLAMAX line. Both the Strike Dog and the Blood Sucker were revealed during the show so those collecting armored trooper kits in this scale, you can now look forward to more.


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