Yep, I’m Still with Kotobukiya: SMP [Shogukan Modeling Project] Might Gaine

During the SMP 100 Next Evolution Project reveal a month ago, one of the teases they made was for Brave Express Might Gaine, the next Brave Series they’ll cover in the line. And I think I’ve already said multiple times on this blog that I’ll stick to Kotobukiya’s kits over the SMP stuff. But it’s still interesting how they’ll approach Might Gaine, especially one of the transformations as they’ve shown in the solicitation.

As with other SMP sets, this one comes with multiple boxes inside, corresponding to the various parts you’ll build to complete Might Gaine. The first box will contain runners to build weapons, accessories, Gaine, and the Might Wing. For the weapons and accessories, it comes with extra manipulators, the “Dourinken” (i.e. Driving Wheel Sword), and non-transforming arm parts for Might Gaine as you’ll see why in a bit.

This box will also come with parts to build Might Wing, which forms the right arm of Might Gaine. Just like in the series, it can transform from train to plane by flipping its wings and stabilizers.

The box also contains parts to build the left arm of Might Gaine which is basically Gaine. It can transform from train to robot and is a perfect demonstration of why I chose Kotobukiya’s kits over this. For a small kit, this guy should be able to transform from train to robot to an arm, and compromises will be made. It’s like you’re buying the DX version and I’m not even sure of its articulation, especially in the legs.

The second and third boxes then contain parts to build the two halves of the Locomorizer. Besides the full transformation, you can also insert both Might Wing and Gaine at the back section of Locomorizer, just like in the show.

And when you combine the Locomorizer with Might Wing and Gaine, you form Might Gaine, and this is where those extra arm parts come in. You can have Might Gaine as a fully transforming and combining robot, except that you’ll be stuck with its weird proportions as part of making the transformation work. To compensate, they included non-transforming arms which also makes for better proportions and a cleaner look.

And again, another reason I’ll still choose Kotobukiya’s kits. If you go through the effort of building transforming parts, just to replace them with non-transforming versions for the final combination, then just go with a non-transforming kit altogether. But, I guess, there are some that find these transformation gimmicks to be fun.

Speaking of replacement parts, we are given multiple options for the head unit. Now while the set doesn’t come with a replacement head with ‘better proportions’, it does come with an extra head seen during mid-transformation where the cockpit is shown before being covered by the face plate. In addition, replacement side head fins that are flared out are also provided for a more dynamic look.

While all of the solicitation images are CG renders, they are also able to show gray prototypes of the kit and it does look good, though I find the legs a little bit too large when compared to the body, especially with the small head. And while I know I’m not getting this set, I know some will and if you do, just remember that this is a Premium Bandai exclusive. So, get on your own local Premium Bandai shop or your preferred middleman service to pre-order yours.

SMP [Shokugan Modeling Project] Might Gaine
October 2022 / ¥6,300


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