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BLOG: Mazinger Z / Infinity

It’s been known for quite a while that a new Mazinger Z animated feature is in the works, under the same working title. Now, they’ve released a new trailer and updated the actual title to Mazinger Z / Infinity.

Not really sure of what the plot would be but it’s safe to assume that it’s more or less the same as the original series — i.e. Kouji Kabuto piloting Mazinger Z to battle against the diabolical forces of Dr. Hell. What’s different is the animation because it looks amazing.

Mazinger Z / Infinity is slated to premiere in Japanese theaters on January 13, 2018.


BLOG: Plastic Crack – Robot Taekwon V by Studio Nomake

Plastic Crack - Studio Nomake's Robot TaeKwon V This is Plastic Crack – posts, usually of video reviews, that continuously stimulate the collector passion through demonstration of a figure’s features. More importantly, these mainly comprise of items in the CATALOGUE wishlist.

Taekwon V is South Korea’s knockoff of Mazinger Z when super robots were the real deal. Eventually,it became its own thing and is now regarded as a Korean pop culture icon. This lead to the production of legitimate merchandise and figures, like this one. It is a Super Robot Chogokin-esque figure of Taekwon V from Studio Nomake and was released in 2015. Selling at roughly $80, it’s been long sold out thanks to the limited production run. This would’ve been perfect for the more niche aspect of the CATALOGUE. Click here for a quick unboxing and review.

BLOG: Super MiniPla GaoGaiGar Revealed

Super MiniPla GaoGaiGar Revealed Following Ideon, Bandai Candy has announced the next kit in their new Super MiniPla line. Based on this collector’s own experience alone in building such kit, it’s clear that Bandai Candy is stretching what they could do with the limited engineering of these kits without going to Gunpla levels of complexity.

So it’s quite a surprise that they decided to do a transforming and combining GaoGaiGar as the next release. Its release is timed to the 20th anniversary of the series and while the transformation gimmick is likely partsforming, it would still be interesting how the engineering and parts separation will be done. More will be revealed at the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show this weekend.

BLOG: Evolution Toy – Dynamite Action! HYBRID Space Barattack [Robot Girls Z]

Dynamite Action HYBRID! Space Barattack [Robot Girls Z] This collector isn’t really that versed with Evolution Toy’s "Dynamite Action!" line. So much so that apparently it has another offshoot called "Dynamite Action! HYBRID". Hybrid because it’s made of hybrid materials?

Anyway, the second figure in the line is Space Barattack, a new form of the titular machine from the old series Chojin Sentai Barattack. It’s new because it didn’t appear in the original, but rather in the Robot Girls Z parody series. And while the series mainly features super robots anthropomorphized as magical girls, their appearances are probably based on actual robot designs, as with the case for Space Barattack / Bara-tan here.

  • Dynamite Action! HYBRID
    Space Barattack [Robot Girls Z]

    Release Information: July 2016 · ¥16,000
    Images via AmiAmi

BLOG: HGBF Gundam Tryon 3 – Box Art

HGBF Gundam Tryon 3 - Box Art May is just about to end, which also means that it’s already June, which also means that the HGBF Gundam Tryon 3 is just days away from its release (i.e. June 4).

As previously mentioned, two copies of the kit were pre-ordered with one permanently in combined mode while the other for the separate modes of each machine — which is a good segway to a related story.

Now most online stores restrict each order of this kit to one copy, with HobbyLink Japan being no exception. However, their system kind of permits updating the quantity to two copies to which this collector did. Unfortunately that led to a temporary account suspension though it was easily dealt with. Eventually cancelled the pre-order altogether and went with AmiAmi instead, which legitimately allows multiple copies.

  • HGBF Gundam Tryon 3
    Release Information: June 2015 · ¥2,800