Full Reveal After 3 Years: “Voltes V: Legacy” 5-Minute Trailer

For the past three years, Philippine TV network GMA has been providing teasers for Voltes V: Legacy during their New Year's Eve celebration program. To those unfamiliar, Voltes V: Legacy is their live action version of the classic super robot show, made in cooperation with TOEI. But of course, we know what happened in 2020 … Continue reading Full Reveal After 3 Years: “Voltes V: Legacy” 5-Minute Trailer

Yes, It’s Still Alive: New “Voltes V Legacy” Featurette

Exactly two years ago, local television station GMA Network released a teaser of Voltes V Legacy, a live-action adaptation of the 70s super robot series. If you want to be reminded of my unsolicited thoughts, you can check out this post. A lot of things happened since that initial teaser, including a freaking pandemic we're … Continue reading Yes, It’s Still Alive: New “Voltes V Legacy” Featurette

#3006 / Mini Action / Combattler V

I almost forgot I've had this photoshoot up and ready for a couple of months now. But in any case, The CATALOGUE has finally delved into combining super robots, dominating the genre in the 70s. Starting things off is Mini Action Combattler V, the first in the "Romance Robot Trilogy", and first in a line … Continue reading #3006 / Mini Action / Combattler V

New Trailer Drops: January 2021

This won't be a recurring thing on this blog though it is a perfect opportunity to highlight a couple of mecha-related trailers that recently drop, at least those that I'm aware of. I'm really excited for one of them while the other... I'm very cautiously optimistic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BJ51sNNkqU First is a new 1-minute trailer for Mobile … Continue reading New Trailer Drops: January 2021

One Shots / “The Robot Romance Trilogy”

Combattler V, Voltes V, and Daimos are collectively known as the "Robot Romance Trilogy" for pioneering more emotional and complex storylines when compared to the, at that time, prevalent monster-of-the-week formula of other super robot shows. Ironically, Daimos was the only series that actually had a romantic element embedded into its plot.