Because the RIOBOT Version IS Expensive: SMP [Shokugan Modeling Project] R-1 & R-Gun Set

In what appears to be companies responding to each other and providing multiple options, Bandai Shokugan has previously announced that they are also doing a combining SRX kit in the SMP [Shokugan Modeling Project] line following Sen-Ti-Nel’s much expensive RIOBOT offering. And RIOBOT set finally released (I also got mine last week), it’s now Bandai’s turn as they open solicitations for the first in the SMP SRX kits, the R-1 and R-Gun.


The R-1 or Real Personal Trooper Type-1 is the first machine in the triad that forms the SRX. It’s probably the next most Gundam-looking machine in Super Robot Wars OG following the Huckebein with the tri-color scheme and the almost Gundam-looking head unit, sans the blade antenna.

While these are CG images, it does give an idea of how the kit will look assembled, though we are not sure if it would be this color accurate as a straight build. Its transformation into the head and torso unit of the SRX also makes me curious of how these kits will approach the transformation and combination.

Speaking of transformation, this kit can also be converted into the R-Wing, or the R-1 in flight mode. I’m not really familiar with this transformation, nor I’ve yet to transform my RIOBOT R-1, so I can’t really tell if the kit can do the same with or without replacement parts. It does look good though, as seen here. For weapons, the kit does include all the standard armaments of the R-1. These include a pair of Cold Metal Knives, the G-Revolvers which can be stored on the side armors, the longer Boosted Rifle, and a green-colored fist for the T-Link Knuckle attack.

It doesn’t appear to come with the shield that’s used in the SRX combination, though that’s likely included in a future set.


In what I think is a smart move by Bandai, they bundled the R-1 with the R-Gun, the two machines I consider to be the most similar in the whole SRX system. While it doesn’t combine with the SRX itself, it does transform into one of its weapons, the convolutedly named Heavy Metal Particle Cannon Hyper Tronium Buster, which leads to the Metal Genocider attack.

Here’s how the R-Gun would look once transformed into its weapon mode. Now do note that the kit by itself can’t be transformed and would require the Unrivaled Option Parts Set, which is unfortunately a Premium Bandai exclusive.

Weapons and accessories of the R-Gun include the pair of Beam Katar Swords which are stored at the back as binders and can combine into the Slash Boomerang, and the Twin Magna Cannon. You also have the option to select and use parts to build its head unit with a visor or with more defined optics.

As I already have the RIOBOT version, sans the R-Gun, I am definitely not getting this set. Though as I also mentioned, this is a good option to have a transforming and combining SRX that’s a lot less expensive. Of course, you’ll need to put more work into building and possibly painting these kits but at least that would be part of the experience.

I’m also curious on how they’ll execute the engineering for the combination. It’s not a question of whether they can do it as they’ve already proven the engineering with their previous Super Sentai kits. It’s more about how stable it would be once completed, and to what extent, if ever, replacement parts would be used.

SMP [Shokugan Modeling Project] R-1 & R-Gun
January 2023 / ¥4,500
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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