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BLOG: PG Gundam Exia – Confirmed

PG Gundam Exia - Confirmed One of the ongoing rumors for the past couple of weeks is the announcement of the next Perfect Grade kit due December 2017. These rumors mainly point to a PG Gundam Exia which would be quite logical considering it perfectly ties to the Gundam 00 10th Anniversary stuff this year.

That said, the supposedly leaked images looked really fake and many were already downplaying this rumor until Bandai Hobby finally made it official via this teaser image.

Nothing has been revealed although the teaser tells that details should be available during the All Japan Model and Hobby Show from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, 2017.


BLOG: Bandai Candy Online Shop Exclusive – Super Minipla King J-Der

Bandai Candy Online Shop Exclusive - Super Minipla King J-Der Bandai Candy has been very ambitious with their Super Minipla releases and everyone really appreciates what they’re doing. So here’s another amazing kit to add to their already great line up.

Following their GaoGaiGar release is none other than Super Minipla King J-Der. Standing at 28 cm tall (almost the size of a Perfect Grade Gunpla), King J-Der can transform into J-Arc with J-Bird splitting off to transform into J-Der. J-Der itself is as tall as GaoGaiGar and is also articulated.

King J-Der comes with multiple accessories and can replicate the J-Quath attack, as well as replacement manipulators. The set also includes Plasma Wings and Plasma Sword effect parts for J-Der.

  • Super Minipla King J-Der
    Release Information: Dec. 2017 · ¥12,000
    Reservation via Premium Bandai

BLOG: S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 47 (and its Marketability)

S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 47 Seems like Tamashii Nations realized that they won’t sell Iron Man figures as easily as before, especially when it’s just a recolor of a previous release. In the case of S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 47 from Spider-Man Homecoming, they’re not even releasing it as a single Tamashii Web Exclusive. It has to come as a 2-pack with the S.H.Figuarts Spider-Man [Home Made Suit] which already has a standalone release, albeit coming with a huge accessory piece.

This effectively means Iron Man collectors would have to get the Spider-Man figure as well, whether they like it or not. BBTS has their pre-order up so those who want one should make their reservation.

  • S.H.Figuarts Spider-Man [Home Made Suit]
    + Iron Man Mark 47

    Release Information: Dec. 2017 · ¥11,000
    Reservation via Premium Bandai

BLOG: Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive – HG Gundam Local Type [Rollout Colors]

This collector’s HG Gundam Local Type is still in the backlog but everyone is saying that it’s a great kit. So much so that Bandai is already producing variants, including the extensively retooled HG Gundam Marine Type, and now this.

This is the Gundam Local Type [Rollout Color]. Now the thing about this design is that it shares the same look as what would be the Gundam THE ORIGIN version of the RX-78-01 Prototype Gundam sans shield. Not really sure if they’ll re-purpose the Prototype Gundam design for this guy but it does look that the eventual HG RX-78-02 Gundam kit will definitely come from this mold.

  • HG Gundam Local Type [Rollout Color]
    Release Information: Nov. 2017 · ¥2,000
    Reservation via Premium Bandai

BLOG: The Gundam Base Tokyo – Upcoming HGBF Gunpla

The Gundam Base Tokyo - Upcoming HGBF Gunpla Getting back into the rhythm of blog posts after that business travel and what not, here’s something a bit delayed but still relevant.

The Gundam Base Tokyo, which just opened as of this post, has on display additional kits that will appear in Gundam Build Fighters GM’S COUNTERATTACK.

First is Mao Yasaka’s latest Gunpla, the Gundam X 十魔王 — it should be read as <something> Maoh and translates to "Demon Emperor" though it’s official romanization is still up in the air. Ricardo Fellini also gets an upgrade with the Gundam Fenice Libertad which isn’t that much different from the Fenice Rinascita except for its transformation so something akin to the Meteor Hopper.