#3012 / RIOBOT / SRX [Super Robot X-Type]

For the last month or so, I've been set on releasing galleries of all the figures in this SRX set. At the same time, I've also been completely transparent in saying that there weren't exactly the smoothest, nor the most fun, experiences I had in doing photoshoots. I eventually had to do one for the … Continue reading #3012 / RIOBOT / SRX [Super Robot X-Type]

#3011 / RIOBOT / R-3/Powered [Real Personal Trooper Type-3/Powered]

As of this post, I have completed taking and editing all photos for RIOBOT SRX itself, which means I can release all the galleries related to this set. My experience with R-3 is pretty much the same as the previous ones in this set, just slightly better. Then there's R-3 Powered, which I had to … Continue reading #3011 / RIOBOT / R-3/Powered [Real Personal Trooper Type-3/Powered]

#3010 / RIOBOT / R-2/Powered [Real Personal Trooper Type-2/Powered]

As of this post, I have taken photos for all three RIOBOT SRX Project units, so I can say I have enough leeway to finally release these two galleries. Much like the R-1, both R-2 and its R-2 Powered upgrade had some issues but, I did have a relatively better experience with the latter, especially … Continue reading #3010 / RIOBOT / R-2/Powered [Real Personal Trooper Type-2/Powered]

#3009 / RIOBOT / R-1 [Real Personal Trooper Type-1]

It's been almost a month since I got the RIOBOT SRX set, and the included figures have taken over my photo booth queue. Doing these shots isn't the smoothest of experiences due to reasons I'll mention in the included blurbs. But these figures are still, at the moment, the definitive representation of the SRX. So, … Continue reading #3009 / RIOBOT / R-1 [Real Personal Trooper Type-1]

One More Machine, One Gargantuan Combiner, Three More Galleries: RIOBOT SRX Photoshoots

It's been a couple of weeks since I got my hands on the Sen-Ti-Nel RIOBOT SRX and I planned to immediately do photoshoots of the individual machines and the SRX itself, basically jumping ahead of everything in the photobooth queue. And this is the progress so far in that endeavor. CATALOGUE Entries for the R-1, … Continue reading One More Machine, One Gargantuan Combiner, Three More Galleries: RIOBOT SRX Photoshoots