#1009 / Entry Grade / GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

2022 apparently marks the 20th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, 20 years! Back then we were just celebrating the 20th anniversary of the whole Gundam franchise and now, it's been that long since SEED came out! Anyway, I just wanted to post a SEED-related CATALOGUE Entry before the year ends and among the myriad … Continue reading #1009 / Entry Grade / GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

One Shots / “Adventures in the Multiverse: G40 ✕ RX-78-2”

While doing routine patrols in the Gundam, Amuro starts to notice weird cracks and patterns appearing in the sky. A flash of blinding light follows and then a similar, yet also different, mobile suit materializes. Curious, Amuro opens comms channels and asks the pilot of the unknown mobile suit for identification. What he hears next … Continue reading One Shots / “Adventures in the Multiverse: G40 ✕ RX-78-2”

Box Art Extravaganza: Gundam Side-F

We are more or less a month away before Gundam Side-F Fukuoka within the Gundam Park opens. And so, we are getting more information on the event-exclusive kits they are offering, including packaging illustrations. First the RG RX-93ff Nu Gundam which shows us the packaging style of the merchandise coming from Gundam Side-F and Gundam … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza: Gundam Side-F

More or Less Complete: Entry Grade Strike Gundam

Just a quick update and probably the only work-in-progress post I'll make for the Entry Grade Strike Gundam. I started this build over the weekend, and I was once again reminded of how they were able to make such a color-accurate kit with a low parts count through clever engineering and parts design. This is … Continue reading More or Less Complete: Entry Grade Strike Gundam

Taking a Breather: Entry Grade Strike Gundam

I just finished the HG Gundam Exia / Astraea dual build last weekend and before going forward with another double or dual build, I decided to look back at this chain of kits. Starting with the continuation of the HGCE Freedom / Strike Freedom Gundam builds late in November up to the end of February, … Continue reading Taking a Breather: Entry Grade Strike Gundam