Work-in-Progress #3: HGUC Victory Gundam/Hexa

Initially started last January, I am finally getting around to finishing this twin build, and why I'm building two. I think I've stated this when I started the builds but the goal is to have separate kits for both the Victory Gundam and Victory Gundam Hexa. So I busted my two HGUC V-Dash Gundam kits … Continue reading Work-in-Progress #3: HGUC Victory Gundam/Hexa


Work-in-Progress… After Two Years! HGUC Zeta Gundam (2003)

Contrary to my initial press release in social media, my last update for this build was actually two years ago, not three. Still a long time in between though. After two years of procrastination and other priorities, I am nearing the completion of the HGUC Zeta Gundam (2003) dual build. As I stated multiple times … Continue reading Work-in-Progress… After Two Years! HGUC Zeta Gundam (2003)

Works-in-Progress: Evangelion 01 ✕ Xi Gundam

Those wondering what happened to my HGUC Narrative Gundam A-Packs and HGUC Victory Gundam/Hexa builds, they're still very much in progress though I haven't made much progress due to personal reasons. That said, I am still targeting to complete them in the next couple of months but in the meantime, I managed to detail up … Continue reading Works-in-Progress: Evangelion 01 ✕ Xi Gundam

Work-in-Progress #2: HGUC Narrative Gundam A-Packs

Decided to get back to the kits I left prior to my Japan trip last February. Having made last progress to the two HGUC Victory Gundams, I brought my attention back to the HGUC Narrative Gundam A-Packs, now focusing on the A-Packs itself. As you can clearly see, this isn't really the significant progress I … Continue reading Work-in-Progress #2: HGUC Narrative Gundam A-Packs

Work-in-Progress #2: HGUC Victory Gundam(s)

Technically this is my second post on this project as my initial update was covered in the January projects post linked here. As also mentioned in that post, I was thinking on whether to build the A-Packs right after the Narrative Gundam or to take a brake and continue with the Victory Gundams instead. I … Continue reading Work-in-Progress #2: HGUC Victory Gundam(s)