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BLOG: Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive – HG Gundam Water/Marine Type

HG Gundam Water/Marine Type Still unsure of the English name of this mobile suit and as such, will be referred to as the "Water/Marine Type" until the official English translation is confirmed.

Here’s an obscure variant of the RX-78-2 Gundam that has found its way to Gunpla form. This is the Gundam Water/Marine Type, originally from Kunio Okawara’s MS Collection or M-MSV (Missing-Mobile Suit Variation), and now part of Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN MSD (Mobile Suit Discovery). This kit is a retool of the HG Gundam Local Type with new parts. It also has a well spread placement of colors which begs the question of which will be actual plastic and which are marking seals. Regardless, variants like this are always welcome in the CATALOGUE, making this kit a guaranteed purchase.

  • HG Gundam Water/Marine Type
    Release Information: Oct. 2016 · ¥2,000
    Reservation via Premium Bandai

BLOG: Soul of Chogokin GX-71 VOLTRON / GOLION

Soul of Chogokin GX-71 VOLTRON / GOLION Might be a couple of days behind this news but Tamashii Nations has formally announced what would probably be one of their most anticipated releases to date — Voltron.

Featuring the latest joint articulation technology, the release promises a fully articulated Voltron figure, as well as the individual lion components. For weapons and accessories, each lion comes with its mouth blade and cannons while Voltron has the Spinning Laser Blades, Solar Combat Spears, and most importantly, the Blazing Sword. It also comes with a display stand that can hold the weapons and can use either Voltron or GoLion name plates.

  • Soul of Chogokin GX-71 Voltron / GoLion
    Release Information: Dec. 2016 · ¥30,000
    Article via Tamashii Web

BLOG: Plastic Crack – HG/HGCE Force Impulse Gundam

This is Plastic Crack – posts, usually of video reviews, that continuously stimulate the collector passion through demonstration of a figure’s features. More importantly, these mainly comprise of items in the CATALOGUE wishlist.

Technically this isn’t really part of the CATALOGUE wishlist since it has been purchased from the great people at HobbyLink Japan. Unlike the original HG Force Impulse Gundam where two copies were purchased, the initial plan for this one is to get only one. Was really hemming and hawing for the longest time if the opening shield gimmick via partsforming warrants another purchase. Didn’t really the felt the ‘transformation’ mechanism and eventually decided to get another copy altogether. Now the case is the opposite with the original High Grade. The initial plan was to construct one kit as the combined mobile suit and the other as its separate components. The simple transformation doesn’t really warrant a duplicate kit and so, the other one will be used just to build the shield in either open/closed mode. [via Dalong’s Gunpla Review]

BLOG: HGUC G-3 Gundam – Work in Progress #1

HGUC G-3 Gundam - Work in Progress #1 Being built in parallel with the 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam "Ver.Ka" is yet another variant of the original Gundam. This time it’s the HGUC G-3 Gundam, a straight recolor of the ‘Revive’ HGUC Gundam.

Given the simplicity of this kit, building it will likely be a breeze and would serve as a perfect parallel build with the aforementioned third-party kit. Speaking of which, all that remains for that one are the knee armor, manipulators, and weapons. Both kits are targetted to be finished within the next week.

As would be built after this? Not really sure, was thinking of either the HGCE Aile Strike Gundam or even the HG Gundam G-Self, the latter being a long overdue one. If only those details in the head unit were easy to paint.

BLOG: HGBF Scramble Gundam – Initial Color Studies

Scramble Gundam - Initial Color Studies Speaking of the HGBF Scramble Gundam, oh yeah orange. As previously mentioned, not really a fan of the color on mobile suits so here are a couple of initial studies for replacing its color scheme.

The Scramble Gundam has a very simple color layout — orange and white with yellow highlights. Not really making drastic changes here except to separate the feet and v-fin crest from the main colors then do the palette swap.

Of the three color schemes here, the first two are more traditional while the last is a derivative of the Kamiki Burning Gundam. Will probably go with the middle one, darker blues to differentiate from the clear parts then match with the red feet/crest.

  • HGBF Scramble Gundam
    Release Information: Nov. 2016 · ¥1,600


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