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BLOG: Super MiniPla GaoGaiGar Revealed

Super MiniPla GaoGaiGar Revealed Following Ideon, Bandai Candy has announced the next kit in their new Super MiniPla line. Based on this collector’s own experience alone in building such kit, it’s clear that Bandai Candy is stretching what they could do with the limited engineering of these kits without going to Gunpla levels of complexity.

So it’s quite a surprise that they decided to do a transforming and combining GaoGaiGar as the next release. Its release is timed to the 20th anniversary of the series and while the transformation gimmick is likely partsforming, it would still be interesting how the engineering and parts separation will be done. More will be revealed at the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show this weekend.

BLOG: Gundam Try Age – ASW-G-71 Gundam Dantalion

In the world of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS, 72 Gundams frames were created based on the lore of Ars Goetia, and 26 units remain operational as of the series’ time frame. Only a handful of Gundams have been revealed so far and they can’t possibly cram all those in two 25-episode seasons.

So it’s quite smart of Bandai to use the card-based game Gundam Try Age to reveal another unit, the ASW-G-71 Gundam Dantalion. The machine and its capabilities will probably be fleshed out in the game. As for model kit possibilities, it’s probably not up there but knowing Bandai, they’ll surely grab any opportunity to create one.

BLOG: PlayStation 4 "GUNDAM VERSUS" Announced

2016 is the 15th Anniversary of the Gundam VS. Series of arcade games that started in 2001 with Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation VS. Zeon. For the longest time, the game has been released in both arcade machines and consoles. However, this stopped when Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS. Maxi Boost became an arcade exclusive and while Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS. Force was released for the PlayStation Vita, it wasn’t really the game that everyone wanted.

So much to everyone’s delight, Bandai Namco has announced Gundam Versus for the PlayStation 4. Though no other specifics have been mentioned, this is being billed as the ‘Next Generation Gundam VS.’ game.

BLOG: Super MiniPla Xabungle – Work in Progress #1

Super MiniPla Xabungle - Work in Progress #1 As teased via Twitter, for the two people that follow me, the next builds would be the Super MiniPla Xabungle set. They’re builds rather than just a build since a set includes the Xabungle and two walker machines. Two boxes were also purchased because of reasons previously mentioned.

Given this collector’s sparse but disappointing experience with minipla, there’s quite an expectation going in. And while color separation is leagues ahead of standard minipla sets, it’s still below Gunpla quality. The plastic is denser, the molding isn’t the sharpest and there isn’t much surface detail. But then again this is for an 80s super robot so the latter might be intentional.

Either way, the build is interesting and a welcome change from Gunpla. Currently doing box 1 of 4 which is primarily the Bungle Skipper / upper half of Xabungle.

BLOG: HGCE Aile Strike Gundam × HGBF Build Strike Gundam – Completed Builds

HGCE Aile Strike Gundam × HGBF Build Strike Gundam – Completed Builds Managed to finish these two in more or less a month, not the fastest but still quite manageable.

The thing about these two builds is that despite being very similar, they are in fact based on the same mobile suit, they didn’t feel repetitive. While both kits needed the same touch ups on the panel lines and black recesses, the Build Strike needed more paint thanks to the random gray bits and the Build Booster. As previously mentioned, the thing is all blue but has quite the diverse color palette. On the other hand, the Aile Strike was pretty straight forward, with the main wings of the Aile Strike only needing major paint applications.

So yeah, probably won’t be building anything based on the Strike Gundam any time soon.