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BLOG: THE ROBOT SPIRITS Strelizia – Colored Prototype Shots

THE ROBOT SPIRITS Strelizia - Colored Prototype Shots AnimeJapan 2018 is going to happen this weekend at Tokyo Big Sight and early news suggests that Tamashii Nations will be revealing their prototype shots of THE ROBOT SPIRITS Strelizia as it appears in the currently airing series DARLING in the FRANXX.

Nothing has really been revealed besides this image although based on how it looks, it’s quite an excellent representation of Strelizia.

Good Smile Company has also teased their take on Strelizia as a model kit in their MODEROID line.

This collector has figure preference over model kits for more complicated designs like this one.


BLOG: Super Minipla Giant Gorg

Super Minipla Giant Gorg Bandai Candy/Shokugan has opened pre-orders for the next kit in the Super Minipla line — Giant Gorg. Initially revealed in the recently released Super Minipla Encyclopedia, it was designed by T-REX. Yes, the same people who did the 40 cm Sen-Ti-Nel Giant Gorg figure.

As for the Super Minipla version, it stands 13.5 cm, features wide range of articulation, opening chest cockpit, and an in-scale Yuu Tagami that can be mounted on the top of its head. The box set will also include parts to build the Manon Type while a separate Rubble Guardian set will be released via Premium Bandai as a Bandai Candy Online Shop exclusive.

  • Super Minipla Giant Gorg
    Release Information: July 2018 · ¥4,200
    Images via Bandai Candy

BLOG: Box Art Extravaganza Siebzehn

Box Art Extravaganza Siebzehn There’s a lot of stuff getting released this April, and on multiple fronts of this hobby. Add to that the theatrical release of PACIFIC RIM Uprising, which in itself has spawned multiple merchandise possibilities. Tamashii Nations has released their figures of the Jaegers so it’s now Bandai Hobby’s turn.

As previously posted, Bandai Hobby has announced a trio of HG kits from the movie, chief being the hero machine Gipsy Avenger. Still debating on whether to get this one after purchasing THE ROBOT SPIRITS figure but this is kind of a novelty item for this collector, especially how Bandai Hobby doesn’t really give the ‘grade’ designations to non-Gunpla kits.

Gipsy Avenger comes in two versions, the standard release and a DX set with the latter including a display stand and an LED unit.

  • HG Gipsy Avenger
    Release Information: Mar. 2018 · ¥1,900

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BLOG: S.H.Figuarts "AVENGERS Infinity War" Solicitations

S.H.Figuarts "AVENGERS Infinity War" Solicitations And just like that, Tamashii Nations has just teased their upcoming S.H.Figuarts releases from Avengers: Infinity War and the great thing is, only one of the eight teased is a Tamashii Web Exclusive.

Along with Iron Man Mark 50 are Iron Spider, Captain America, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Thanos. They’re also promoting a special Tamashii Stage Marvel Ver. that would go well with these figures. While a couple are entirely new figures, others are definitely retools and recolors. Regardless, they all look good.

They’re also teasing more releases in the future, including "Hulkbuster Mark 2" and Winter Soldier. For more information on these, head on to the link provided below.

BLOG: Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive – HG Heavy Gundam

Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive - HG Heavy Gundam Well played Bandai, totally getting the North American Local Type and Gundam FSD now.

This collector really likes how Bandai is able to crank out MSV suits out of the HG Gundam Local type mold, chief being the HG Gundam Marine type and now, the HG Heavy Gundam. The Heavy Gundam comes from the MS-X design variation series and is an attempt to improve on the original Full Armor Gundam design. Instead of adding armor and weapon units to an existing unit, the Heavy Gundam is built from the ground up with sturdier armor in mind.

In any case, this is one interesting kit. What’s more interesting though is what they’ll put out next based on this mold.

  • HG Heavy Gundam
    Release Information: May 2018 · ¥2,200
    Reservation via Premium Bandai