Unsolicited First Impressions: “Kyoukai Senki”, “Sacks&Guns!!”, “Muv-Luv Alternative”

As I probably mentioned in a couple of posts already, October has finally started and along with it, multiple mecha series for the season. I've caught the opening episodes for most of them and here are my unsolicited thoughts. Kyoukai Senki After finishing the episode, the first question that popped into my brain is: "Why … Continue reading Unsolicited First Impressions: “Kyoukai Senki”, “Sacks&Guns!!”, “Muv-Luv Alternative”

Box Art Extravaganza: October 2021

We're now into October and as I've previously mentioned, we are looking at multiple mecha series this season, many of which are getting kits their gorgeous packaging art. First is the HG Kenbu or MAILeS Kenbu as written in the lower thirds, and it's the main protagonist machine from the new series Kyoukai Senki or … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza: October 2021