That’s a Lot of Arms: HG AMAIM Ghost Mk-II

I’ve just caught up with the latest episodes of Kyoukai Senki or AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline and it is as mecha a series can get, without going into Gundam-esque levels. There are copious features on the AMAIMs used by each faction while at the same time, navigating through the politics and nuances of a resistance organization. In any case, we are getting the first AMAIM mid-season upgrade of sorts with the still mysterious Ghost Mk-II.

If I remember correctly, these upgrades were brought after its battle with the North American Confederation military and their attempts to capture this unit. To be honest, I can’t differentiate it very well with the original Ghost so let’s take a look at a quick comparison.

The base design is more or less similar with the primary differences being the new head unit which looks a lot meaner, the now symmetrical arm units, and the previous Jamming Binders have now become additional shoulder-mounted sub-arm units. These changes make the Ghost Mk-II even more terrifying than its previous configuration.

Those new sub-arm units are very articulated, able to rotate around the shoulder joints and be deployed directly at the front. Outside of the new head and sub-arm units, the build of this kit should be similar to the original Ghost. For accessories, the kit includes a minimum, including sub-arm manipulators, and a set of Cracking Cables, three per each arm.

Oh, and before I forget, this is a Premium Bandai exclusive release.

HG 1/72 AMAIM Ghost Mk-II
April 2022 / ¥3,000

On a semi-related note, Bandai Spirits has also opened pre-orders for several kits with placeholder names. These usually meant units that are yet to appear in the series. Are we getting the mid-season upgrade for the Kenbu with these new kits?

You can pre-order upcoming Kyoukai Senki kits or get the available ones from HobbyLink Japan!


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