This One’s Darker, Literally: Hobby Next Phase 2023 Spring: HG Protogouyo

A couple or so weeks back, Sunrise Beyond announced they’re doing a sequel to the 2021 mecha anime Kyoukai Senki or AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline as it was released internationally. I thought it was an okay series, not the most engaging, but it did have interesting mecha designs. I also thought it was a one-and-done kind of deal, that’s why I was surprised they’re doing a sequel series called Kyoukai Senki: Kyokko no Souki. They revealed a new main protagonist MAILeS unit, and we are now getting more details through its kit, HG Protogouyo.

They previously posted a trailer as well and outside of the anthropomorphic chibi AI, the series looks a lot darker and edgier. The same can be said with the Protogouyo which looks all gray and purple here. It does share the same design cues with Kenbu and the other protagonist MAILeS from the first series, but the Protogouyo is a lot less sleek and more military hardware looking.

Actually, now that I get a better glimpse through these CG renders, Protogouyo looks like someone you will take seriously in the battlefield, and not as bright and bubbly as the previous units. The solicitation goes straight ahead to the weapons and accessories since we do know how articulated these kits would be as the basic design is the same.

Shown here are a Machete, a Dedicated Assault Rifle, and a Dedicated Handgun — all of which you can mount on the body via multiple ports and the included joint parts.

Still on weapons, the kit also has two Dagger Knives with attachable blades when in use and can be stored behind the knee armor. They also mention the yellow fin or blade antenna on the head than can be folded away, presumptively for a gimmick relevant to the plot.

This kit also continues the line’s mantra of customization through the numerous 3mm ports all over the body, where you can plug upcoming and previously released weapon sets.

I admit that having this “just okay” attitude towards Kyoukai Senki as an anime series caused me to delay building any of its kits in the backlog. I just have the HG Kenbu right now and am yet to still get myself the HG Kenbu Zan. That said, it looks like the series will take on, what I hope, is a grittier tone, which could also motivate me to finally build these kits. I don’t feel the need to pre-order this guy, but we’ll see.

HG 1/72 Protogouyo
August 2023 / ¥2,400
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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