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BLOG: Good Smile Company – MODEROID Mazinkaiser Variations

MODEROID Mazinkaiser Variations Wasn’t really planning to get Good Smile Company’s MODEROID Mazinkaiser when it was announced even though it had the same design as the RIOBOT version simply because the Super Robot Chogokin has this collector covered.

But then they decided to release this a visual in the MODEROID special page showing two other Mazinkaiser-esque figures. Good Smile Company’s Mecha Mono Blog described them as the same as Mazinkaiser but with are more powerful, and subsequently dubbed them as "Devil Emperors".

As expected, they are making MODEROID model kits of these variants and the one they teased looks awesome! So much so that this collector is reconsidering getting the first MODEROID Mazinkaiser just to justify getting the other two if the aforementioned illustration is concerned.


BLOG: "MAZINGER Z" Movie Adaptation Announced

"MAZINGER Z" Movie Adaptation Announced In celebration of its 45th anniversary in 2017, Toei Animation announced that a Mazinger Z movie adaptation is in the works. No specifics were given if the movie will be animated or a live action adaptation but come AnimeJapan 2017 on March 26, Toei is expected to reveal more details regarding the production. They’ve also launched a new website for the film though it doesn’t really contain anything substantial at this point.

Mazinger Z tells the story of Kouji Kabuto as he defends the earth from the threats of Dr. Hell using the super robot of the same name. The original series helped kickstart what is now one of the enduring genres in Japanese animation — Mecha.

BLOG: Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger ZERO

Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger ZERO Tamashii Nations has revealed some of their May 2017 releases and includes Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger ZERO which will appear in the game Super Robot Wars V. The reveal was also made a month after announcing Mazin Emperor G, another playable unit from the aforementioned game and will also be part of the Super Robot Chogokin line.

Mazinger ZERO initially appeared in the manga Shin Mazinger ZERO as a form taken by that story’s version of Mazinger Z. It looks much more sinister and is easily recognizable thanks to its Jet Scrander that takes the form of a slashed zero.

  • Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger ZERO
    Release Information: May 2017 · ¥2,300
    Images via Tamashii Web

Yet another reason to get both SRC figures of Great Mazinger and Shin Mazinger Z.

BLOG: Super Robot Chogokin Mazin Emperor G

Super Robot Chogokin Mazin Emperor G It took them a while but Great Mazinger is finally getting a new form… of sorts. Appearing in the upcoming game Super Robot Wars V is Mazin Emperor G an it looks freaking bad ass!

The figure stands 175 mm and will feature its signature weapon, the Emperor Sword which is longer than the Mazin Emperor G itself at 180 mm. Like most Mazinger-esque machines that come with some form of Jet Scrander, this one will have the cape-like Emperor Aureole which is segmented into four articulated parts. It will also include effect parts for its signature attack, the Great Blaster.

Here’s hoping that Tamashii Nations reissue the SRC Great Mazinger because of this.

  • Super Robot Chogokin Mazin Emperor G
    Release Information: Mar. 2016 · ¥12,000
    Article via Tamashii Web

BLOG: threezero – GETTER ROBOT Getter 1

threezero - GETTER ROBOT Getter 1 threezero isn’t done just yet with their Dynamic Planning license. Following up their Mazinger Z and Aphrodite A releases is… Great Mazinger Getter 1 from the classic Getter Robot franchise.

Getter 1 will stand at approx. 16-inches tall with over 40 points of articulation. It will also feature LED lights, extreme mechanical details with weathering and battle damage. Much like every other Getter 1 release, there will be threezero store exclusive Black Edition. It’s essentially the same figure except in black and will come with additional stuff like a detachable face plate, scarf (because robots need scarfs too), and exchangeable Long & Short arm blades.

  • GETTER ROBOT Getter 1
    Release Information: $330
    Reservation Start: Sept. 11, 2015
    9:00AM (UTC+8)
    Article via threezero on Facebook