Yes, It’s Still Alive: New “Voltes V Legacy” Featurette

Exactly two years ago, local television station GMA Network released a teaser of Voltes V Legacy, a live-action adaptation of the 70s super robot series. If you want to be reminded of my unsolicited thoughts, you can check out this post. A lot of things happened since that initial teaser, including a freaking pandemic we're … Continue reading Yes, It’s Still Alive: New “Voltes V Legacy” Featurette

New Trailer Drops: January 2021

This won't be a recurring thing on this blog though it is a perfect opportunity to highlight a couple of mecha-related trailers that recently drop, at least those that I'm aware of. I'm really excited for one of them while the other... I'm very cautiously optimistic. First is a new 1-minute trailer for Mobile … Continue reading New Trailer Drops: January 2021

What, Live Action Adaptation? “Voltes V Legacy”

Okay, I just wanted to give some context before delving into my unsolicited hot take on Voltes V Legacy, the Philippine-produced live action series adaptation of Voltes V. I don't consider myself to be the greatest Voltes V fan though I did watch it multiple times thanks to repeated broadcasts on local TV. Heck, I … Continue reading What, Live Action Adaptation? “Voltes V Legacy”