One Shots / "Bravery in Blue"

Rockman X: "Are your battles always like this?" Iron Man: "Yep, but I'll put this just at level two." Rockman X: "Two out of what?" Iron Man: "Two of-- hey look, to your left!" And that skirmish lasted for three more hours.

Yep, We’re Getting More of These: Soul of Chogokin GX-92 Ideon (Full Action)

I'm not sure if I've stated this before, but I'm not really a fan of Tamashii Nations' Soul of Chogokin Full Action line and how it basically killed the Super Robot Chogokin line. I really like the latter's more collectible size and the figures are still consistent with each other scale-wise. But my ranting about … Continue reading Yep, We’re Getting More of These: Soul of Chogokin GX-92 Ideon (Full Action)

#3002 / Super Robot Chogokin / Mazinger Z

For the almost 10 years that I have this blog up and running, including the great reset of 2018, I have apparently never featured a single Mazinger Z figure either as a CATALOGUE Entry or even as a featured review. That's kind of a shame given Mazinger Z is a mecha classic. And so, in … Continue reading #3002 / Super Robot Chogokin / Mazinger Z

One Shots / "Last Call, Final Warning"

Tony Stark isn't one to give out last calls and final warnings when he issues the Repulsor treatment. This time it's different, especially when he's using the Hulkbuster armor and he's dealing with the Hulk. But don't get him wrong, he has every intention to shoot... just with permission.