Second Time’s the Charm? Frame Action Meister Govarian

Sen-Ti-Nel's Frame Action Meister line is an interesting concept, albeit not unique. Their first offering, Juohmaru from Plawres Sanshiro, was a good try but not the best figure in their catalog. Let's see if the next release would be much better with the Frame Action Meister Govarian. To those unfamiliar, Govarian is another mecha series … Continue reading Second Time’s the Charm? Frame Action Meister Govarian

#3002 / Super Robot Chogokin // Mazinger Z

For the almost 10 years that I have this blog up and running, including the great reset of 2018, I have apparently never featured a single Mazinger Z figure either as a CATALOGUE Entry or even as a featured review. That's kind of a shame given Mazinger Z is a mecha classic. And so, in … Continue reading #3002 / Super Robot Chogokin // Mazinger Z

Box Art Extravaganza Dreiundzwanzig

It's been a while since the last time I did these box art extravaganzas, but I think this month's releases are worth highlighting. So let's dive right in. I can say with good confidence that I know what I'm getting myself into once I get two copies of the HGUC Penelope. That said, let's step … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza Dreiundzwanzig