Full Reveal After 3 Years: “Voltes V: Legacy” 5-Minute Trailer

For the past three years, Philippine TV network GMA has been providing teasers for Voltes V: Legacy during their New Year’s Eve celebration program. To those unfamiliar, Voltes V: Legacy is their live action version of the classic super robot show, made in cooperation with TOEI. But of course, we know what happened in 2020 and things got delayed. But it looks like the show is finally coming out in 2023, marked by this 5-minute “mega trailer”, and we finally get a full look of Voltes V.

I have said this before and I will say it again, the CG on this show looks really good. For something produced locally, and I know how CG work for local shows are a hit-or-miss deal, this one really stands out. Granted, all the CG shots have this digital film grain for an added cinematic feel, but I’m really impressed overall.

Voltes V itself appears a lot more muscular than the simple rectangles that made up the original design. This is visible with the various armor segments that mimic the human physique. This does make me hope for the success of the show, so that Tamashii Nations would make a new Soul of Chogokin based on this design or something. It probably won’t happen but we can still have wishful thinking.

We also get a good look at the individual Volt Machines and besides the added panel lines and details for that more realistic aesthetic, these are quite accurate to the source material.

The same is true with the Boazanian Beast Fighters, which also have a more robotic aesthetic. I do recall some to have a more organic composition but again, the armored look makes more sense for a weapon of destruction.

The only nitpick I have, visually, are the in-cockpit shots. The holographic HUD displays are actually good and do make sense, but I don’t like how the cockpits look like a chair in front of a green screen, Heck, they don’t even have seatbelts which is probably a good idea for machines that go supersonic. But I guess if they have to cut costs, this is where it would likely happen.

Story-wise, I’m inclined to think they will stick to the original. But knowing that this is a Philippine production, there would definitely be some stereotypical subplots that might work for some and might be cringey for others. But given that these go through TOEI’s approval, I wouldn’t worry too much.

There you go, that’s the best preview of Voltes V: Legacy we have so far. I am cautiously optimistic on how this will pan out. But given the meticulous production it went through, not to mention the whole pandemic, I’m just glad they’re finally able to have a 2023 release date.

If you haven’t seen the “mega trailer”, I’ve included it below for your consumption.


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