Let’s Go Retro: “Beast Wars: Transformers” Vintage Reissues

Beast Wars is getting quite the love these days, with the third installment of the War for Cybertron Trilogy introducing these beloved characters as mainline releases. But Hasbro thinks that's not enough as they are going to reissue the original figures, complete with classic packaging, but with updated paint applications. While I'm just showing Optimus … Continue reading Let’s Go Retro: “Beast Wars: Transformers” Vintage Reissues

One Shots / “Taking the Maximal Victory”

Maximal soldiers would call this destiny while their Predacon adversaries simply refer to it as a glorified inconvenience. In any case, witnessing the three legendary Maximal leaders together and fight side-by-side is almost an ominous premonition of their much awaited victory.

One Shots / "Taking the Throne"

Taking the Scepter of Sparks, Optimus Primal, now Optimal Optimus, gets a quick glimpse of the nigh impossible task of bringing peace to the war torn planet of Cybertron. He is immensely overwhelmed by the responsibility, but he knows he has the knowledge of the previous Primes to guide him in this mission.