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BLOG: New "Bumblebee" Trailer Reveals G1 Transformer Designs

As surprising as it may seem, the upcoming Bumblebee is still gaining positive traction based on the marketing done so far that many are considering watching the film despite the sour taste left by the previous entries in the franchise.

Paramount has released a new trailer which also shows scenes depicting the war on Cybertron. What made these more interesting is that they feature Transformers looking much, much closer to their original G1 designs. These include Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Shockwave, as well as some Seekers and their ‘conehead’ variants.

This makes the movie more interesting and makes many think of how it fits to the current continuity. Given that the last movies treated continuity like soup, accepting this to the canon would be much easier.

Bumblebee will be on theaters this December.


BLOG: PerfectEffect PE-DX10 Jetpower Revive Prime

PerfectEffect PE-DX10 Jetpower Revive Prime PerfectEffect has revealed another new take on Optimus Prime as part of their “PE-DX” line. That said, this isn’t based on any previous iteration of the Autobot leader and takes the concept of getting an armored upgrade. While the upgraded mode looks similar to the form he had in Revenge of the Fallen, this version instead uses his trailer for the armor components.

The cab makes up the unarmored Optimus Prime and stands voyager class-sized when transformed. It looks like a combination of his G1 and movie versions, complete with flame deco. Armored up, Prime stands similar to a Hasbro leader class figure. He also comes with his signature energy cannon and axe as weapons.

BLOG: Flame Toys – Furai Model TRANSFORMERS Kits

Flame Toys - Furai Model TRANSFORMERS Model Kits To those unfamiliar, Flame Toys is a Japanese company that produces the Kuro Kara Kuri line high-end figures based of the Transformers license. Further expanding their catalog, Flame Toys is also releasing model kits under the Furai Model line.

Several kits were already teased, two of which are these Optimus Prime variants. One is a very stylized design, dubbed as "Attack Mode" Optimus Prime while the other is taken from the IDW comics.

Being an Optimus Prime collector, these are very interesting, especially since there’s no official release of the IDW design. Still not sure what to think of Transformers model kits but at least the options are there.

BLOG: "TRANSFORMERS Studio Series" Official Reveals

"TRANSFORMERS Studio Series" Official Reveals With the rumors of rebooting the current live action Transformers franchise looming, it is a perfect time to those polarizing designs as Hasbro officially reveals the TRANSFORMERS Studio Series in New York Toy Fair 2018. The line will encompass designs from all Michael Bay-produced live action features.

Unlike Takara Tomy’s similar Movie The Best line of repaints, these figures are mostly new molds and some retools. Each figure also comes with a backdrop from the movie they had iconic scenes. The initial four Deluxe class figures are now on sale at Hasbro’s website for a limited time. For the rest of the line though, they have yet to be determined.

BLOG: Perfect Combiner PC-16 Jinrai Prime – Colored Prototype Shots

PerfectEffect PC-17 Jinrai Prime - Colored Prototype Shots With the recently released TRANSFORMERS Legends God Bomber set from Takara Tomy, those who wanted to have the best God Ginrai figure out there must only need PerfectEffect’s PC-16 Jinrai Prime figure. And so they have uploaded colored prototype shots of this figure for solicitation.

Its aesthetics clearly homages the original Generation 1 figure although liberties were made to the actual transformation process. Nevertheless, Jinrai Prime should look good and work well with either Hasbro or Takara Tomy versions of the Powermaster Optimus Prime / Ginrai release.