Let’s Go Retro: “Beast Wars: Transformers” Vintage Reissues

Beast Wars is getting quite the love these days, with the third installment of the War for Cybertron Trilogy introducing these beloved characters as mainline releases. But Hasbro thinks that’s not enough as they are going to reissue the original figures, complete with classic packaging, but with updated paint applications.

While I’m just showing Optimus Primal in this post, the wave would also include Megatron, Cheetor, and Rattrap.

As these are the same toys with updated paint, all features and gimmicks the originals had should be present in the reissues. For Optimus Primal, he will include a skull-shaped mace and his battle mask / “mutant head.” He was originally an Ultra Class figure though it’s likely the reissue would be placed in the Leader Class price point, as with Megatron, both at $49.99. On the other hand, Cheetor and Rattrap would be Deluxe Class figures priced at $22.99.


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