Gunpla 40th Anniversary Announcements: Gunpla Link Project

Last Friday, the Bandai Spirits Hobby Division, via The Gundam Base Tokyo, announced the Gunpla Link Project, kits released as part of the Gunpla 40th Anniversary celebration. This probably includes the previously revealed HG RX-78-2 Gundam "Beyond Global" but three more kits were announced during the press conference... Perfect Grade Unleashed Remember the Gunpla Evolution … Continue reading Gunpla 40th Anniversary Announcements: Gunpla Link Project

#UTGundamPH: Gundam 40th Trivia Night

Earlier this week, Uniqlo has launched the UT Mobile Suit Gundam Collection in celebration at the 40 years of Mobile Suit Gundam. And in line with this, Uniqlo Philippines recently held a special Gundam 40th Trivia Night that I was able to participate. It was a great event as I was able to meet other … Continue reading #UTGundamPH: Gundam 40th Trivia Night

#JapanWinter2019: The Gundam Base Tokyo Experience

I haven't made a post about my recent Japan trip in a while so today's a good time for another one. A place I specifically requested in our itinerary was The Gundam Base Tokyo along with the life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue. Please note that this won't be a detailed account of every section inside and … Continue reading #JapanWinter2019: The Gundam Base Tokyo Experience