Gundam Factory Yokohama: Design Reveal and Details

Part of the Gundam 40th Anniversary spectacles revealed last year was the Gundam Global Challenge where the challenge is to make a 1/1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam move, or at least walk. Gundam Channel on YouTube has been releasing clips of its progress, with the last ones involving Gundam-creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. Last week, Bandai Namco held … Continue reading Gundam Factory Yokohama: Design Reveal and Details

Next Phase Gunpla: Road to 2020

2020 is the Gunpla 40th Anniversary, so in sort of a preview of the stuff to come, The Gundam Base Tokyo once again opened their Next Phase Gunpla exhibit and on there were a lot of kits I personally didn't expect. What's more, all of these have planned release dates! Here's a quick video from … Continue reading Next Phase Gunpla: Road to 2020

#JapanWinter2019: The Gundam Base Tokyo Experience

I haven't made a post about my recent Japan trip in a while so today's a good time for another one. A place I specifically requested in our itinerary was The Gundam Base Tokyo along with the life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue. Please note that this won't be a detailed account of every section inside and … Continue reading #JapanWinter2019: The Gundam Base Tokyo Experience

#JapanWinter2019: Prologue

After two years, will be once again flying back to the land of mecha and Gundam but this time will be a little different. As my first two visits were mostly Tokyo-bound, this trip will be the opposite. In fact, I'll be in Tokyo for only one day and would be staying for the most … Continue reading #JapanWinter2019: Prologue

Surprise! Next Phase Gunpla: January 2019

This month's reveals from The Gundam Base Tokyo's Next Phase Gunpla displays threw in a couple of surprises but were very much appreciated nonetheless. Also proves that Bandai Spirits isn't as predictable as we thought. After releasing the HGAC Leo and a bunch of online-exclusive variants, many would think that they'd finally do the main … Continue reading Surprise! Next Phase Gunpla: January 2019