No, That’s Not a GN Twin Drive: MODEROID Godannar Twin Drive Mode

We’re just a week or so away until 2022 ends yet Good Smile Company was still able to dish out another solicitation from their Mecha Smile Impact event back earlier into the year. This time, it’s Godannar Twin Drive Mode from Shinkon Gattai Godannar. The series is quite different from its other mecha contemporaries as it focuses on the marriage of the two main pilots, and how the events of the series impact their relationship.

This relationship angle also carries to the mecha as Godannar Twin Drive Mode over here is actually a combination of the individual machines of the pilots, Godannar and Neo Okusaer, with each having their own drives. Due to the nature of the combination, this kit is just Godannar in its Twin Drive Mode, and no transformation mechanisms are included.

The lack of transformation and combination also means the kit is able to do dynamic poses, which very much fits Godannar as it’s primarily a melee combat mecha. It also helps that Max Factory, who previously released a MAX Gokin Godannar figure, contributed to the joint design to allow stable poses.

Several translucent parts are included to replicate the flame effects on the head, as well as the chest armor. I also assume the face parts are pre-painted and combined with the relatively simple color scheme of the design, would result in a fairly color-accurate kit right out of the box.

MODEROID Godannar Twin Drive Mode
August 2023 / ¥6,600
Order from HobbyLink Japan



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