Should I Jump the Gun on These? “Shoujo-Hatsudoki” Motored Cyborg Runner” SSX_155

Earlier this year, Max Factory and Sen-Ti-Nel revealed a new collaboration project based on illustrations by AF_KURO, called Shoujo-Hatsudoki Motored Cyborg Runner. Along with this reveal are a couple of prototype figures on the show floor of WonHobby 35 but other details are sparse. This time around, they’re back with more — including an exhibit exclusive and solicitations for actual releases. Let’s take a look and attempt to answer the question I asked in the post title.

These come from AF_KURO’s Shoujo-Hatsudoki illustrations which feature female-looking street racing cyborgs with internal combustion engines — called Motoreds. And after watching that trippy video they released above; I immediately got some cyberpunk vibes.

They recently held an exhibit featuring Shoujo-Hatsudoki illustrations by AF_KURO and sold an exclusive figure, the Motored Cyborg Runner SSX_155T “Proto Spec” which is basically a white version of the Tsuzigiri body. The initial retail release will still comprise of Tsuzigiri body, but in two new colorways.

First is SSX_115 “Techno Azur” which is mostly black with blue highlights followed by SSX_115 “Mandarin Surf” which flips the black for a mix of whites and grays with orange highlights. These figures are non-scale though the solicitations list them as 175mm tall, a little under seven inches. They also have diecast parts that both provide stability and add more to the mechanical aesthetic. And yes, they are quite articulated as they are meant to be street racers doing all sorts of dynamic sliding and skiing.

Each set comes with the figure itself, replacement hands/manipulators, alternate face plates and hair piece, and stands both for static and dynamic displays.

Motored Cyborg Runner SSX_115 “Techno Azur”
June 2023 / ¥23,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

Motored Cyborg Runner SSX_115 “Mandarin Surf”
June 2023 / ¥23,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

As for me, I don’t think I’ll jump the gun and hit the pre-order button. I mean these figures do look really good, but they don’t exactly fit my collection. But if you’re into this aesthetic then give these a shot.


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