What’s the Γ Gundam? HGBD Build Γ Gundam

With Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE set to premiere tonight, Bandai Spirits Hobby has opened solicitations for another Premmium Bandai exclusive kit. And to be honest, I found this one more interesting that most of the upcoming HGBD:R kits announced. This is the HGBD Build Γ (Gamma) Gundam from the side story Gundam Build Divers Break. … Continue reading What’s the Γ Gundam? HGBD Build Γ Gundam

Plastic Crack: Custom Gunpla Project “Guard Gundams”

This is Plastic Crack -- posts with content shared from other collectors that provide inspiration for the hobby or the unnecessary push to buy more stuff. As much as I wanted to finish more kits, the current weather at this side of the planet doesn't isn't really forgiving to painting and all. Hopefully I can … Continue reading Plastic Crack: Custom Gunpla Project “Guard Gundams”

Box Art Extravaganza Zwanzig

Despite hitting the reset button on the blog, we shall continue the already-established German nomenclature for these posts. We start of with one of the more interesting entries in the Figure-rise Mechanics line -- Bulma's Variable No. 19 Motorcycle. Not really that familiar with Dragonball lore to confirm if this machine was in the manga … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza Zwanzig