HGBD:R Gundam G-Else: Features and Gimmicks

Initial details for the HGBD:R Gundam G-Else kit has been up on the Bandai Hobby site for quite some time though it took them until now to dish out the features and gimmicks of this kit. Let's take a look. The G-Else is a modified version of the G-Self from GUNDAM Reconguista in G and … Continue reading HGBD:R Gundam G-Else: Features and Gimmicks

Box Art Extravaganza Zwanzig

Despite hitting the reset button on the blog, we shall continue the already-established German nomenclature for these posts. We start of with one of the more interesting entries in the Figure-rise Mechanics line -- Bulma's Variable No. 19 Motorcycle. Not really that familiar with Dragonball lore to confirm if this machine was in the manga … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza Zwanzig