Late News is Late: HG 1/300 Magna Saurer

Not really sure why I wasn't able to post this at the start of April when it was first revealed but whatever. This follows up the HG 1/300 Go-Saurer kit Bandai Spirits released around late 2018, the HG 1/300 Magnasaurer. Magnasaurer is the first of two support machines that help Go-Saurer, the other one being … Continue reading Late News is Late: HG 1/300 Magna Saurer

Box Art Extravaganza Zwanzig

Despite hitting the reset button on the blog, we shall continue the already-established German nomenclature for these posts. We start of with one of the more interesting entries in the Figure-rise Mechanics line -- Bulma's Variable No. 19 Motorcycle. Not really that familiar with Dragonball lore to confirm if this machine was in the manga … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza Zwanzig