I Still Have to Get Raijin-Oh! MODEROID Ganbaruger

I haven't gotten myself a copy of MODEROID Raijin-Oh as I've still hemming and hawing how to go along with it, together with Bakuryuu-Oh given my build strategy. And when I say build strategy, it's essentially foregoing all transformation and combination gimmicks for stability and getting mulitple copies of each kit to represent each transformation … Continue reading I Still Have to Get Raijin-Oh! MODEROID Ganbaruger

Wonder Festival 2020 (Winter): MODEROID

Yesterday was the Winter Wonder Festival for 2020 and just like previous years, Good Smile Company made sure to come all out and reveal all products they have in their various pipelines. And of course, I'll be giving my unsolicited thoughts on what they have in store for the MODEROID line of model kits. 1/60 … Continue reading Wonder Festival 2020 (Winter): MODEROID