I Still Have to Get Raijin-Oh! MODEROID Ganbaruger

I Still Have to Get Raijin-Oh! MODEROID Ganbaruger

I haven’t gotten myself a copy of MODEROID Raijin-Oh as I’ve still hemming and hawing how to go along with it, together with Bakuryuu-Oh given my build strategy. And when I say build strategy, it’s essentially foregoing all transformation and combination gimmicks for stability and getting mulitple copies of each kit to represent each transformation and combination. It’s an costly and repetitive strategy but hey, works for some of my transforming Gunpla. Anyway, Good Smile Company has announced the follow up and it’s no other than MODEROID Ganbaruger from Energy Bomb Ganbaruger.

I Still Have to Get Raijin-Oh! MODEROID Ganbaruger

While all of these images are CG renders, they give a good representation of how the kit would look completed, assuming all seals and pre-painted parts are included. Ganbaruger is also a combination of three individual machines though a bit different from Raijin-Oh.

I Still Have to Get Raijin-Oh! MODEROID Ganbaruger

These three made up the individual components of Ganbaruger: Go Tiger, Mach Eagle, and King Elephant. Normally for a similar super robot, you’d expect them to transform and combine as usual. But these three are different.

I Still Have to Get Raijin-Oh! MODEROID Ganbaruger

Because each individual machine also has a humanoid form transformation which already complicates the engineering of a transforming action figure, much more an assembled model kit. To demonstrate that, here’s a snippet from Good Smile themselves of what we can expect from this kit.

Yes, we’re essentially building a full transformation model kit, which I’m not really a fan of and can go horribly wrong in many ways — I’m looking at you RG Zeta Gundam. But let’s give the designers at Good Smile Company the benefit of the doubt as they might actually pull this of. Which also leads us to another question, the price tag. I believe in the live stream they did last weekend, one of the discussion points for this kit is balancing between the engineering, color accuracy with parts separation, and the cost. The kit will come with runners of seven colors made from PS, ABS, and POM plastics, as well as pre-painted parts.

I Still Have to Get Raijin-Oh! MODEROID Ganbaruger

MODEROID Ganbaruger
December 2020 / ¥6,182


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